Holiday Hours

Kraz Construction will maintain limited office hours over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays as follows:

Monday, Dec 22: 8 am – 5 pm
Tuesday, Dec 23: 8 am – 5 pm
Wednesday, Dec 24: Closed*
Thursday, Dec 25: Closed
Friday, Dec 26: Closed*
Saturday, Dec 27: Closed*
Sunday, Dec 28: Closed
Monday, Dec 29: 8 am – 5 pm
Tuesday, Dec 30: 8 am – 5 pm
Wednesday, Dec 31: Closed*
Thursday, Jan 1: Closed
Friday, Jan 2: 8 am – 3 pm (Normal hours resume)

*Business Day. Kraz will receive and check mail and voice messages.

From all of us at Kraz Construction to you and your family, happy holidays and thank you for entrusting Kraz with your home improvement needs!

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Windows company shatters sales record

Kraz Construction reported record sales in 2014, marking a 30% increase over the previous mark set just last year.

As the Highland-based home improvement company approaches its fiscal year end, executives forecast an even stronger showing in 2015.

“The future of the home improvement industry is strong,” said general manager Luis DelRisco in a company-wide statement Thursday. “And Kraz will continue leading the way.”

To celebrate the record-smashing year, Kraz announced a 30% sale on all new projects for the remainder of 2014. Said DelRisco, “One of the biggest boosts this year was the realization in the market that Kraz never stops, even in harsh winter conditions. Sales this January and February nearly tripled our previous best. We expect to keep up that pace this winter.”

Customers can schedule free project estimates by calling 1-888-838-5729 or on the company website,

Kraz Construction has long maintained a commitment not to lay off workers in the winter months, regardless of sales.

Kraz Construction was established in 1927 and has maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau since becoming eligible upon their incorporation in 1993.

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Link: Home Improvements that Add Value

It’s no big secret—we here at Kraz Construction generally recommend moving forward with home improvements as opposed to waiting. (We don’t tell people to waste their money on “improvements” they really don’t need, as this customer can attest.)

So here’s an unbiased (as well as entertaining and informative) look at the home improvements that add the most immediate value to your home from an investment company called The Motley Fool (pay no attention to the fact their domain is . . . they give great advice). Some are projects Kraz Construction specializes in (siding and doors). Others (decks and kitchen remodels) are projects you’d have to go elsewhere to complete.

As the article mentions, new siding can bring up to an 87% return on investment on resale value alone* and a new entry door can deliver an instant value boost of 97% of its cost. When you figure in the additional energy savings (something a new kitchen or deck won’t help), these projects can pay for themselves in almost no time.

To schedule a free estimate on this or any project, just click here or call us at 1-888-838-5729.   *The article pulls their data from Remodeling’s 2014 Report

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Replacement Windows Overload

We have a saying around here at Kraz Construction: “You can never have too many windows.” Well . . .

photo 3

We might have too many windows.


We probably have too many windows?

photo 1

We have too many windows.

photo 2

Okay, we really have a problem.


Our dilemma is your opportunity. We need to move these windows as soon as possible to make room in our warehouse for all the other great products Kraz Construction offers.

At our busiest times, we drop prices as low as reason allows. Right now, we’re dropping them even lower. Every estimate is unique, so we aren’t attaching a specific price to this offer. You’ll have to schedule an estimate to hear the price, and you’ll be glad when you do. Whether you need one window or twelve, there has never been a better time to get a price. You can schedule your free in-home estimate right now.

As general contractors, Kraz Construction serves all sorts of home-improvement needs in the Midwest, but there’s no question about the pinnacle of our expertise. It’s windows. In fact, Kraz used to operate under the name House of Windows.  At this point, that is literally what we’ve become: a house full of replacement windows.

If you want to learn more about our windows, click here to see our brochure. To see for yourself what a beautiful, efficient window can do for your home (at a ridiculously low price), request a free estimate.

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Seven Wonders of the Window World

As leaders in the world of replacement windows, we at Kraz Construction (aka House of Windows, Inc.) are committed to making the windows in every home amazing. So we appreciate those windows that awe and amaze. We’ve compiled a list of seven of the most spectacular, most extreme, most impressive windows in all the world. Enjoy and be astounded (sorry, we can’t sell or install any of them ).


The Georgia Aquarium viewing window

The largest aquarium in the world, Atlanta’s Georgia Aquarium, features the second largest viewing window in the world. Reaching 23 feet tall and spanning a width of 61 feet, the window allows visitors to gaze safely at the 500 aquatic species swimming through eight and a half million gallons of water—good thing the glass is two feet thick.


Resurrection Cemetery stained glass window

At 22,318 square feet, the largest stained glass window in the world offers breathtaking visuals for miles—but it can’t be found in the cathedrals of Rome or a museum in Paris. The 2,448-paneled spectacle calls Justice, Illinois, home in the mausoleum of the Resurrection Cemetery.


Apple Store, Sydney

The Apple Store in Sydney, Australia, boasts the trademark glass facade popular in all Apple Stores (as well as the largest Apple logo in the world). The storefront is comprised of panes of glass that are approximately 10 feet wide and 43 feet tall . . . and four inches thick. They are the largest of their kind in the world, and they’re kind of a pain to replace. Unfortunately for Apple’s down-under contingent, […]

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Ten Ways to Keep Your House Cool–and Your Energy Bills Low–Every Summer

If building your house out of snow and ice isn’t an option, Kraz Construction still can help identify a few ways to keep your house cool in the summer.

In Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland, staying cool in the summer is as elusive as trying to thaw out the other ten months of the year (aka winter). For some homeowners, that’s a seemingly impossible task, and for all homeowners it tends to be an expensive one. But there are some ways you can curb the effects of the relentless summer heat on the comfort of your home without adding an extra few pages to your monthly energy bills.

1. Change your A/C air filter
If you have central air conditioning, changing the filter every month is a necessity during the summer if you want to reduce energy costs (or ever hear a brief pause in the otherwise steady hum of your air conditioner). A dirty air filter reduces the air flow in your A/C system, which lengthens each cooling cycle and obliterates A/C efficiency.

2. Keep windows shaded during sunny hours
Even partial or sheer shading can reduce the radiation in your home, especially in rooms with larger windows and loads of natural light. If you love having sunlight pour into your home, pulling the shades when light is at its most direct, even for an hour, can diffuse the rays that heat your home the most and dramatically reduce the workload on your A/C unit.

3. Open windows during cool DRY parts of day.
At times when it’s cool and dry outside but your home needs to cool off, open the windows to let the fresh air cool off your home. If certain areas of […]

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How to fix an off-track window

Now that window-opening season has graced the Midwest, many people are finding some of their windows less than operable. It’s usually not cause for too much alarm, especially
if it’s as simple as a window shoe that has slipped. Here’s a simple step-by-step video to walk you through the very easy repair process.

If the problem is more serious, Kraz can at least give you a free estimate on what it would cost to repair or replace it.

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No Gloves for Sale: Why Homeowners Miss the Best Time to Buy Windows

You never seem to be able to find gloves for sale when you need them. That’s because when people buy and when people need are two very different things. Same goes for new windows.

We’ve all been there. It’s late (but not that late) in the winter. You find yourself scrambling to get ready for a ski trip or a kid’s sledding outing and discover that among the 389,000 gloves you find around the house, not a single one has a matching partner. So you hop in the car, head to Target, and start looking for what should be the most obvious type of item to sell in the dead of winter: winter clothing.

But instead you find Easter dresses. You look around the clothing racks and see spring everywhere: t-shirts, skirts, jeans, and loads and loads of brightly colored items . . . none of which will keep your hands warm in the snow. You’re lucky if the clearance racks and bins have anything resembling winter gloves.

Usually you’d be excited at the thought of warmer weather, but instead you’re tearing your hair out wishing someone had the common sense to actually sell winter clothing in the winter, crazy as that sounds. Why? Why in the name of frostbitten fingers is it so difficult to find something you need in the season you actually need it?

It’s because consumers buy things (and retailers sell things) ahead of season. We buy and sell on emotion and fear and worry and hope and anticipation . . . perceived need over actual need. We buy the 2015 model of cars in 2014. We buy Christmas decorations in November (or October . . . shudder). […]

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Ten Ways to Make Your House Super for Sunday

This Sunday is the S**er B**l (the N*L can be such sticklers about their trademarks) and everybody nationwide will gather around their TVs to watch the commercials big game. Everybody has a big screen. Everybody has enough food to feed a small bus of offensive linemen. So what do you need to do to upgrade your Super Sunday experience? We’ve got a countdown of ten ways with, of course, a Kraz Construction home improvement twist.

10. Nacho cheese gutters.
What better way to cut through the cold than pouring a scalding river of golden nacho goodness along the perimeter of your roof and allowing the cheesy glory to dispense from your downspouts?

9. Drinking game: take a drink every time someone compliments you on how your house. (If you’re not drunk by halftime, call Kraz.)

8. That one guy who is the only person completely invested in the game, is wearing a Peyton Manning Jersey, and looks like he’s going to explode every time anything good OR bad happens? Yeah. Bind him up in bubble wrap before he throws your remote through a window.

7. Instead of betting on the score, the winner, or the coin flip, place bets on how many people can remember who was playing or what the funniest commercials were advertising.

6. Schedule an estimate with Kraz for during halftime. That way everyone can save! No? Not super? Fine. We’ll have our own party. Who needs you.

5. Still too offended to give you tips. We hope your party stinks.

4. Okay, fine. You can make your party super fun by putting all your money on the Bears.

3. No, seriously. The secret to a super party is super […]

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Triple-Pane or Double-Pane Windows? The debate made easy.

Nothing proves a point like a polar vortex. Homeowners debating the merits of purchasing and installing replacement windows have been receiving not-so-gentle reminders from Mother Nature all winter long. Whether it’s a double-digit sub-zero temperature or a triple-digit increase on your energy bill, the need to replace old or poor-performing windows is brutally obvious.

The first question (Should I buy new windows?) is settled. Yes. Definitely. If your home is cold, your windows are old or drafty, and your energy bills are high, getting new windows is a must. That’s not even up for debate. It is literally costing you money not to get windows.

Energy Star savings by geography The benefits of upgrading windows to Energy Star are obvious, no matter where you live.

EPA studies prove that upgrading single-pane windows to Energy Star rated windows typically save homeowners 7-15% on energy bills–around $372 a year for homes with single-pane windows. So, the second question a homeowner considers (Should I get single-pane, double-pane, or double-pane Energy Star-rated windows?) is also an easy one to answer. Yes, if you’re going to save hundreds of dollars a year on energy bills, it makes sense to upgrade your windows.

Keep in mind, adding new windows instantly boosts home resale values by upwards of 70% of the cost of the project, on average, according to Remodeling Magazine. Between energy savings and added resale value (and added curb appeal, comfort, look, and safety of your home), the net cost benefit of a windows upgrade will be positive almost instantly. Replace the windows and replace them right, and you’ll be saving more money than your spending much earlier than you think–sometimes instantly.

But the […]

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