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Chesterton Windows, Siding, etc. Reference Work List

In the table below you will find some of the most recent home improvement jobs Kraz Construction has completed in Chesterton, IN. This list of Chesterton windows and siding projects includes window replacement, door installation, siding, gutters, and soffit installation, among others.

AddressCityStateServicesInstall Date
Dogwood Dr ChestertonINShur Flo11/16/2016
Admiral Drive ChestertonINWindows10/13/2016
Admiral Drive ChestertonINWindows10/13/2016
W. Porter AveChestertonINDoors10/05/2016
Carey Ln ChestertonINFence08/01/2016
Juniper Road ChestertonINWindows & Doors07/27/2016
Violet Avenue ChestertonINDoors06/29/2016
Veden Rd ChestertonINWindows06/28/2016
Porter Avenue ChestertonINWindows06/10/2016
N. 8th StChestertonINWindows05/13/2016
Crabtree Ln ChestertonINShur Flo05/05/2016
Partridge Way ChestertonINShur Flo05/03/2016
11th Street ChestertonINWindows04/18/2016
Jefferson Avenue ChestertonINWindows04/16/2016
Fox Point DrChestertonINWindows04/11/2016
W Porter AvenueChestertonINWindows03/08/2016
Jackson Blvd ChestertonINShur Flo03/07/2016
Candlewood Court ChestertonINWindows02/27/2016
Dogwood Drive ChestertonINInsulation02/23/2016
Dogwood Drive ChestertonINInsulation02/23/2016
S. 21st StreetChestertonINWindows02/22/2016
Veden Road ChestertonINShur Flo12/09/2015
Donewood Dr ChestertonINWindows10/01/2015
Morningside Drive ChestertonINRoof09/24/2015
W. Porter ChestertonINGutters09/22/2015
Graceland ChestertonINShur Flo09/03/2015
Redbud Drive ChestertonINShur Flo08/31/2015
14th Street ChestertonINInsulation & Defier05/27/2015
14th Street ChestertonINInsulation & Defier05/27/2015
Dogwood Drive ChestertonINS/F/G05/22/2015
Jefferson Avenue ChestertonINRoof05/19/2015
Jefferson Avenue ChestertonINRoof05/19/2015
Greenwood Drive ChestertonINWindows05/14/2015
Greenwood Drive ChestertonINWindows05/14/2015
Port Cove DriveChestertonINS/F/G05/14/2015
Port Cove DriveChestertonINS/F/G05/13/2015
S 12 StChestertonINWindows & Doors05/06/2015
S. 14th StreetChestertonINInsulation05/04/2015
S. 9th StreetChestertonINRoof04/29/2015
S. Park DriveChestertonINInsulation04/27/2015
Redbud Drive ChestertonINInsulation04/27/2015
S. 19th StreetChestertonINLeaf Defier04/22/2015
Redbud Drive ChestertonINSiding04/16/2015
W. Porter AvenueChestertonINGutters04/10/2015
S. 21st StreetChestertonINWindows & Gutters03/17/2015
S. 10th StreetChestertonINInsulation03/16/2015
S. 10th StreetChestertonINInsulation03/16/2015
S. 18th StreetChestertonINWindows02/10/2015
W. 950 N.ChestertonINDoors02/10/2015
S. 17th StreetChestertonINWindows01/28/2015
W. Morgan AvenueChestertonINInsulation01/26/2015
W. Porter AvenueChestertonINWindows01/08/2015
S. 21st StreetChestertonINWindows12/29/2014
S. 21st StreetChestertonINWindows12/29/2014
Albutus Drive ChestertonINWindows12/27/2014
Coffee Creek RoadChestertonINRoof12/21/2014
S. Park DriveChestertonINInsulation12/19/2014
S. 18th StreetChestertonINGutters & Defier12/18/2014
S. 18th StreetChestertonINGutters & Defier12/18/2014
Redbud Drive ChestertonINWindows12/15/2014
Redbud Drive ChestertonINGutters12/10/2014
E. Morgan AvenueChestertonINInsulation12/01/2014
Redbud Drive ChestertonINGutters09/09/2014
S. 15th StreetChestertonINWindows06/09/2014
Dogwood Drive ChestertonINWindows06/03/2014
S. Jackson Blvd.ChestertonINDoors05/22/2014
S. Jackson BlvdChestertonINWindows05/14/2014
Bowser Avenue ChestertonINDoors05/12/2014
Redbud Drive ChestertonINWindows04/25/2014
E. Morgan AvenueChestertonINLeaf Defier04/23/2014
Eagle Street ChestertonINDoors04/22/2014
Redbud Drive ChestertonINWindows04/22/2014
Chestnut Blvd ChestertonINWindows04/21/2014
Parmaker Drive ChestertonINFascia04/21/2014
Dogwood Drive ChestertonINWindows04/16/2014
S 10 StChestertonINGutters03/14/2014
S 10th StChestertonINGutters03/14/2014
Chalamel Drive ChestertonINWindows12/02/2013
W. Porter Avenue ChestertonINLeaf Defier11/09/2013
W. Porter Avenue ChestertonINLeaf Defier11/09/2013
Bowser Avenue ChestertonINWindows11/07/2013
S. 10th Street ChestertonINWindows11/05/2013
Fox Point Drive ChestertonINWindows11/05/2013
South Park Drive ChestertonINWindows11/01/2013
Bowser Avenue ChestertonINLeaf Defier10/21/2013
Fox Point Drive ChestertonINWindows09/24/2013
Redbud Drive ChestertonINWindows06/07/2013
Honeyshade Drive ChestertonINLeaf Defier05/07/2013
Primrose Circle ChestertonINWindows04/15/2013
Mississinewa ChestertonINWindows04/06/2013
Mississinewa ChestertonINWindows04/06/2013
Redbud Drive ChestertonINLeaf Defier04/05/2013
S. 15th Street ChestertonINWindows11/14/2012
S. Jackson Blvd ChestertonINWindows11/07/2012
S. Jackson Blvd. ChestertonINWindows11/07/2012
Chief Circle ChestertonINWindows10/29/2012
S. 20th Street ChestertonINGutters10/29/2012
Chief Circle ChestertonINWindows10/29/2012
Chief Circle ChestertonINSoffit10/24/2012
Primrose Circle ChestertonINWindows05/15/2012
Gladys Lane ChestertonINLeaf Defier05/10/2012
E. Indiana Avenue ChestertonINLeaf Defier05/03/2012
Briarcliffe Court ChestertonINLeaf Defier04/25/2012
West Street ChestertonINWindows04/04/2012
Park Avenue ChestertonINWindows03/12/2012
Park Avenue ChestertonINWindows03/12/2012
Porter ChestertonINGutters01/03/2012
Park Avenue ChestertonINSiding07/22/2011
Primrose Circle ChestertonINGutters05/18/2011
Coffee Creek Road ChestertonINWindows05/10/2011
Primrose Circle ChestertonINWindows04/22/2011
S. 15th Street ChestertonINDoors04/07/2011
Coffee Creek Road ChestertonINWindows04/06/2011
South Park Drive ChestertonINSiding03/31/2011
South Park Drive ChestertonINSiding03/31/2011
S. 17th Street ChestertonINDoors03/28/2011
South Park Drive ChestertonINWindows03/17/2011
Chestnut Blvd. ChestertonINWindows03/15/2011
Coffee Creek Road ChestertonINWindows03/10/2011
Dogwood Drive ChestertonINWindows03/09/2011
S. 9th Street ChestertonINWindows03/02/2011
Violet Avenue ChestertonINWindows09/22/2010
Violet Avenue ChestertonINWindows09/22/2010
Crabtree Lane ChestertonINWindows09/08/2010
Chestnut Blvd. ChestertonINLeaf Defier08/18/2010
Dogwood Drive ChestertonINWindows08/09/2010
Chestnut Blvd. ChestertonINWindows08/05/2010
Redbud Drive ChestertonINWindows08/03/2010
South Park ChestertonINLeaf Defier07/30/2010
South Park ChestertonINLeaf Defier07/30/2010
Violet Avenue ChestertonINWindows07/28/2010
Fox Point Drive ChestertonINWindows07/26/2010
Chestnut Boulevard ChestertonINGutters07/23/2010
S. 18th Street ChestertonINLeaf Defier07/23/2010
Dakota ChestertonINLeaf Defier07/09/2010
N 400 E ChestertonINLeaf Defier07/06/2010
S. 18th Street ChestertonINLeaf Defier07/06/2010
Dogwood Drive ChestertonINWindows12/12/2009
Gladys Lane ChestertonINWindows11/30/2009
Primrose Circle ChestertonINWindows11/24/2009
Mississinewa ChestertonINDoors06/19/2009
Redbud ChestertonINLeaf Defier05/16/2009
Dakota Street ChestertonINWindows10/13/2008
Graham Drive ChestertonINWindows03/10/2008
Partridge Way ChestertonINWindows01/16/2008
W. Porter Avenue ChestertonINWindows10/12/2007
S., 13th Street ChestertonINWindows09/07/2007
Landman Street ChestertonINSoffit08/30/2007
Fox Pointe Drive ChestertonINWindows08/08/2007
Louisa Lane ChestertonINLeaf Defier08/06/2007
S. 23rd Street ChestertonINLeaf Defier06/28/2007
S. 23rd Street ChestertonINLeaf Defier06/28/2007
Bowser ChestertonINLeaf Defier10/30/2006
Park Avenue ChestertonINLeaf Defier10/30/2006
S. Park Drive ChestertonINLeaf Defier10/10/2006
S. 20th Street ChestertonINLeaf Defier10/10/2006
Main Street ChestertonINWindows08/31/2006
Brown Avenue ChestertonINGutters04/29/2006
Fox Point Drive ChestertonINWindows04/13/2006
Indian Boundary Rd. ChestertonINWindows03/16/2006
Dakota Street ChestertonINWindows03/03/2006
S. Sixth Street ChestertonINWindows01/04/2006
Redbud Drive ChestertonINWindows12/27/2005
Park Avenue ChestertonINWindows08/12/2005
Chestnut Blvd. ChestertonINSiding07/29/2005
Chalemel Drive ChestertonINWindows07/11/2005
Dunewood Drive ChestertonINWindows07/08/2005

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