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Residential Doors

   When choosing an exterior door, the options are limitless.  With so many options available many customers get overwhelmed and do not know the differences between doors.  Well at Kraz we just made it simpler.  Our reinforced steel and fiberglass doors are designed to keep your home safe, energy efficient, and looking good.  When choosing a door manufacturer we wanted a company that would cover those three bases.  We chose Weather King doors, which is based out of Michigan and supplies doors only made in the USA.

Weather King use an extra level of security on their doors by reinforcing it into its own 18 gauge steel frame, which is then securely anchored to the structure of the home.  All door hardware and locks are all screwed to steel rather than wood.  Its features like these that make Weather King’s door security different then the rest.

When it comes to energy efficiency WeatherKing uses many tactics to make your door more energy efficient.  All weather stripping on our doors are magnetic.  Similar to the seal on your refrigerator, this creates an air tight seal.  On the bottom of the door is a triple seal bottom sweep to prevent air leaking underneath your door.  These ‘upgrades’ are all standard features that your door will be supplied with.

To create a look that fits your home Weather King offers 11 different painted finishes with 5 stained finishes.  Combine this with over 40 different available styles of doors and the choice is yours.  Kraz will make sure the door you select has the features you need, leaving you with the exciting part of designing the look with the help of a door specialist.

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