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Dyer Windows, Siding, etc. Reference Work List

In the table below you will find some of the most recent home improvement jobs Kraz Construction has completed in Dyer, Indiana. This list of Dyer windows and siding projects includes window replacement, door installation, siding, gutters, and soffit installation, among others.

AddressCityStateServicesInstall Date
Henry Street DyerINDoors11/07/2016
Ballybunion Court DyerINWindows10/17/2016
Calumet Ave DyerINDoors09/24/2016
Cherry Hill RdDyerINWindows09/01/2016
Havest Drive DyerINFence08/26/2016
James Drive DyerINWindows08/22/2016
Wellington Drive DyerINWindows08/19/2016
Capri Lane DyerINWindows08/17/2016
Foliage Lane DyerINSiding08/16/2016
Castlewood Drive DyerINWindows08/11/2016
Cambridge Lane DyerINS/F/G08/08/2016
Osage Drive DyerINS/F/G & Doors08/08/2016
Monaldi Pkwy DyerINWindows08/05/2016
Rosemary Court DyerINDoors08/05/2016
Rosemary Court DyerINDoors08/05/2016
Scotty Lane DyerINSiding08/04/2016
Scotty Lane DyerINSiding08/04/2016
205th Place DyerINS/F/G08/03/2016
Madison Ave DyerINSiding08/02/2016
Harrison Ave DyerINWindows08/02/2016
Harrison Ave DyerINWindows08/01/2016
Harrison Ave DyerINWindows08/01/2016
Chateau Drive DyerINWindows07/29/2016
Forest Park DriveDyerINDoors07/29/2016
Fossil Stone RdDyerINDoors07/28/2016
Carnation Street DyerINWindows07/27/2016
Jacob Court DyerINFence07/25/2016
Harrison Ave DyerINWindows07/25/2016
Harrison Ave DyerINWindows07/25/2016
209th Street DyerINWindows07/21/2016
Deer Trail DriveDyerINS/F/G07/19/2016
Seminary Drive DyerINWindows07/18/2016
Seminary Drive DyerINWindows07/18/2016
Forest Park DrDyerINDoors07/18/2016
Hillcrest Drive DyerINFence07/13/2016
Ridgewood Ln DyerINWindows07/11/2016
Kentwood Drive DyerINAwning07/10/2016
97th Lane DyerINInsulation07/06/2016
Old Beach RdDyerINSiding07/02/2016
Old Beach RdDyerINSiding07/02/2016
Fossil Stone RdDyerINFence07/01/2016
Tulip Tree LnDyerINWindows06/30/2016
Foliage Lane DyerINFence06/30/2016
Squire Drive DyerINInsulation06/28/2016
Northgate Drive DyerINWindows06/26/2016
Red Oak DriveDyerINFence06/21/2016
Sycamore Drive DyerINRoof06/21/2016
212th Street DyerINGutters06/17/2016
Jackson Pl DyerINGutters06/17/2016
Northgate Dr DyerINFence06/17/2016
Northgate Dr DyerINFence06/17/2016
Jackson Avenue DyerINShur Flo06/16/2016
Jackson Place DyerINShur Flo06/14/2016
Jackson Place DyerINShur Flo06/14/2016
Lilac Drive DyerINShur Flo06/14/2016
Lilac Drive DyerINShur Flo06/14/2016
Tyler Street DyerINGutters06/13/2016
Dogwood Drive DyerINShur Flo06/09/2016
Cozy Lane DyerINInsulation06/09/2016
Seminary Drive DyerINWindows06/06/2016
Seminary Drive DyerINWindows06/06/2016
Madison Ave DyerINWindows06/02/2016
W. 79th PlaceDyerINGutters05/27/2016
Cherry Hill RdDyerINWindows05/25/2016
Carnation Street DyerINFence04/19/2016
Polk Avenue DyerINWindows02/16/2016
Blue Jay WayDyerINWindows02/02/2016
Monaldi Pkwy DyerINWindows01/21/2016
Hickory Drive DyerINDoors12/29/2015
Roanoke Ct DyerINWindows12/16/2015
Roanoake Ct DyerINWindows12/16/2015
Madison Ave DyerINWindows12/10/2015
Harrison Avenue DyerINWindows & Deck12/09/2015
Audry Court DyerINInsulation11/16/2015
Aspen Dr DyerINInsulation11/13/2015
Richmond Court DyerINWindows11/13/2015
VanBuren DyerINWindows11/09/2015
Van Buren DyerINDoors11/09/2015
Sycamore Drive DyerINWindows11/05/2015
Cambridge lane DyerINInsulation10/22/2015
Cambridge Lane DyerINInsulation10/22/2015
Cottonwood Drive DyerINGoforth09/28/2015
Capri Lane DyerINWindows09/13/2015
212th Street DyerINDoors08/13/2015
Fillmore Avenue DyerINInsulation08/13/2015
211th Place DyerINDoors08/04/2015
Kentwood Court DyerINWindows07/31/2015
Sandy Ridge RoadDyerINWindows07/31/2015
Harrison Place DyerINWindows07/30/2015
Polk Avenue DyerINS/F/G07/21/2015
Lakewood Drive DyerINWindows07/20/2015
Lake Street DyerINDoors07/17/2015
211th Street DyerINWindows07/17/2015
Harrison Avenue DyerINLeaf Defier07/16/2015
Lakewood Drive DyerINRoof07/09/2015
Fillmore Avenue DyerINDoors06/30/2015
Monaldi Pkwy DyerINLeaf Defier06/30/2015
Carnation Drive DyerINDoors & Defier06/24/2015
Aspen Drive DyerINDoors06/23/2015
Hickory Drive DyerINWindows06/11/2015
Polk Avenue DyerINSiding06/05/2015
Harrison Place DyerINWindows06/03/2015
Fillmore Avenue DyerINWindows05/29/2015
213th Street DyerINWindows05/27/2015
213th Street DyerINWindows05/27/2015
Lakewood Drive DyerINWindows05/26/2015
Lakewood Drive DyerINWindows05/26/2015
Old Beach RoadDyerINWindows05/22/2015
Tyler Avenue DyerINWindows05/21/2015
Roanoke Ct DyerINWindows05/20/2015
Cherry Hill RoadDyerINWindows05/20/2015
Roanoke Ct DyerINWindows05/20/2015
Calumet Avenue DyerINFencing05/18/2015
Hickory DyerINSiding05/18/2015
Jackson Place DyerINWindows05/15/2015
Jackson Avenue DyerINS/F/G05/15/2015
Boulder Road DyerINGutters05/13/2015
Monticello DyerINInsulation05/11/2015
Boulder Road DyerINGutters05/06/2015
Boulder Road DyerINGutters05/06/2015
Harrison Place DyerINWindows04/27/2015
Cambridge Lane DyerINDoors04/15/2015
Cherry Hill RoadDyerINS/F/G04/14/2015
Hart Street DyerINDoors03/06/2015
Fillmore Avenue DyerINDoors02/23/2015
Sycamore Drive DyerINDoors02/09/2015
Tulip Tree LaneDyerINWindows01/30/2015
Briarwood Drive DyerINFence12/22/2014
Tower Court DyerINGutters12/10/2014
209 ST DyerINGutters11/25/2014
Rokosz Ln DyerINRoof11/25/2014
Tyler Avenue DyerINWindows10/22/2014
Wells Court DyerINGutters10/17/2014
Lilac Drive DyerINDoors10/14/2014
Aspen Drive DyerINDoors09/29/2014
Lakewood Drive DyerINRoof09/27/2014
Hanover Ln DyerINFence09/05/2014
205th Place DyerINLeaf Defier09/04/2014
James Drive DyerINWindows08/27/2014
Lancelot Lane DyerINWindows08/20/2014
Wellington Drive DyerINDoors07/29/2014
Lilac Drive DyerINWindows & Doors07/02/2014
Richmond Court DyerINSiding & S/F/G06/30/2014
Filmore DyerINWindows06/02/2014
Calumet Avenue DyerINFence06/02/2014
Briarwood Drive DyerINWindows05/21/2014
Cherry Hill RoadDyerINInsulation05/19/2014
Madison Street DyerINFence05/03/2014
205th Place DyerINWindows05/02/2014
205th Place DyerINWindows05/02/2014
Tuliptree Lane DyerINWindows05/01/2014
Tomahawk Road DyerINWindows04/21/2014
Laurel Court DyerINWindows04/17/2014
James Drive DyerINWindows04/08/2014
Lilac Drive DyerINWindows04/07/2014
Carnation Street DyerINWindows04/07/2014
Fossil Stone RoadDyerINWindows04/07/2014
Osage Drive DyerINWindows04/01/2014
Carnation Street DyerINWindows04/01/2014
Hanover Lane DyerINSiding03/28/2014
Tower Court DyerINCapping03/25/2014
206 St DyerINGutters03/25/2014
Monaldi Pkwy DyerINWindows03/24/2014
Carnation Street DyerINWindows03/22/2014
206 ST DyerINWindows03/21/2014
Briarwood Drive DyerINSiding03/19/2014
214th Street DyerINInsulation03/19/2014
Main Street DyerINInsulation03/19/2014
211th Street DyerINInsulation03/14/2014
Monaldi Pkwy DyerINWindows03/03/2014
82nd Avenue DyerINDoors02/26/2014
212th Street DyerINDoors & Insulation12/04/2013
Matteson Street DyerINGutters09/30/2013
Polk Avenue DyerINWindows08/22/2013
Filmore DyerINGutters08/07/2013
Madison Avenue DyerINWindows06/04/2013
206th Street DyerINWindows05/15/2013
206th Street DyerINWindows05/15/2013
Castlewood Drive DyerINDoors05/10/2013
Heather Lane DyerINGutters05/01/2013
Hart Street DyerINWindows04/19/2013
E. Kensington Drive DyerINWindows04/16/2013
Osage Drive DyerINSiding04/15/2013
Osage Drive DyerINSiding04/15/2013
Forest Park Avenue DyerINWindows04/15/2013
Cherry Hill Road DyerINGutters04/14/2013
Jackson Place DyerINGutters04/05/2013
206th Street DyerINLeaf Defier04/03/2013
Jackson Place DyerINWindows03/27/2013
Northgate Drive DyerINWindows03/15/2013
Red Oak Drive DyerINWindows03/01/2013
- 215th Street DyerINWindows01/30/2013
Rokosz Lane DyerINWindows01/21/2013
Henry Street DyerINWindows01/10/2013
Madison Avenue DyerINGutters12/28/2012
Quinn Place DyerINWindows12/18/2012
Quinn Place DyerINWindows12/18/2012
215th Street DyerINWindows12/13/2012
82nd Avenue DyerINSiding12/05/2012
Osage Drive DyerINWindows11/28/2012
Northgate Drive DyerINSiding11/27/2012
Lakewood Drive DyerINGutters11/27/2012
Northgate Drive DyerINDoors11/27/2012
206th Street DyerINSiding11/09/2012
Lilac Drive DyerINWindows11/08/2012
Enslen Drive DyerINLeaf Defier10/29/2012
Lancaster Lane DyerINDoors10/25/2012
205th Place DyerINWindows08/22/2012
Main St DyerINDoors08/21/2012
214th Street DyerINWindows06/22/2012
Kentwood Drive DyerINWindows06/08/2012
Osage Drive DyerINDoors06/04/2012
Main Street DyerINWindows06/02/2012
Polk Avenue DyerINWindows05/30/2012
Cottonwood Drive DyerINWindows05/30/2012
205th Place DyerINGutters05/18/2012
Fossil Stone Road DyerINWindows05/17/2012
Potomac Drive DyerINWindows05/15/2012
Tomahawk Road DyerINWindows11/30/2011
Aspen Drive DyerINWindows11/01/2011
211 Street DyerINWindows09/29/2011
Sunnyside St DyerINDoors09/23/2011
Valley View lane DyerINWindows09/22/2011
Queens Lane DyerINWindows09/12/2011
Carnation DyerINWindows09/02/2011
Lilac Drive DyerINWindows09/01/2011
Avalon Drive DyerINWindows08/30/2011
Osage Drive DyerINWindows08/27/2011
Rosemary Court DyerINWindows08/26/2011
Lancaster Lane DyerINGutters08/26/2011
Forest Park Drive DyerINWindows08/25/2011
Jackson Place DyerINSiding08/23/2011
Andrew Drive DyerINWindows08/23/2011
Andrew Drive DyerINWindows08/23/2011
Cottonwood Drive DyerINWindows08/16/2011
Willow Lane DyerINWindows08/05/2011
Monticello Drive DyerINWindows07/21/2011
Calumet Avenue DyerINWindows06/10/2011
Cambridge Lane DyerINWindows05/12/2011
Northgate Drive DyerINWindows01/04/2011
Edgewood Drive DyerINWindows12/21/2010
Monticello Drive DyerINWindows12/20/2010
Hillside Drive DyerINWindows12/07/2010
214th Street DyerINWindows12/06/2010
212th Place DyerINWindows12/06/2010
Madison Avenue DyerINWindows11/30/2010
Lake Street DyerINWindows10/12/2010
Northgate Drive DyerINWindows08/20/2010
205th Place DyerINWindows08/12/2010
Lancaster Lane DyerINDoors08/02/2010
Jackson Place DyerINSiding08/02/2010
Roanoke Court DyerINWindows07/21/2010
Northgate Drive DyerINGutters07/21/2010
Northgate Drive DyerINGutters07/20/2010
211th Street DyerINSiding07/20/2010
Sunnyside Avenue DyerINWindows07/19/2010
Lexington Drive DyerINWindows07/14/2010
Rolling Hill Drive DyerINWindows05/18/2010
Lakewood Drive DyerINGutters03/29/2010
Forest Park Drive DyerINWindows03/18/2010
Rolling hill Drive DyerINWindows03/08/2010
206th Street DyerINDoors03/05/2010
Jackson Place DyerINWindows02/09/2010
Jackson Place DyerINWindows02/09/2010
206th Place DyerINWindows02/09/2010
Sycamore Drive DyerINWindows02/08/2010
Lexington Drive DyerINWindows01/29/2010
Lexington Drive DyerINGutters12/14/2009
Northgate Drive DyerINWindows11/05/2009
James Drive DyerINGutters10/20/2009
Northgate Drive DyerINWindows10/13/2009
Audrey Court DyerINWindows09/22/2009
Jackson Place DyerINLeaf Defier09/21/2009
206th Street DyerINWindows09/11/2009
Pierce Street DyerINWindows09/11/2009
Avalon Drive DyerINWindows09/09/2009
214th Street DyerINWindows08/21/2009
Sunflower Lane DyerINWindows08/19/2009
Fossil Stone Road DyerINWindows08/07/2009
Northgate Drive DyerINDoors07/08/2009
77th Avenue DyerINWindows07/06/2009
Polk Avenue DyerINDoors07/01/2009
Hillside Drive DyerINLeaf Defier06/18/2009
77th Street DyerINWindows06/12/2009
Kensington East Road DyerINWindows06/04/2009
E. 205th Place DyerINSiding06/04/2009
Andrew Drive DyerINWindows06/02/2009
Hart Street DyerINWindows05/27/2009
Foilage Lane DyerINSiding05/27/2009
Blaney Drive DyerINWindows05/20/2009
Sandy Ridge Road DyerINWindows05/18/2009
Hillside Drive DyerINDoors04/20/2009
Dogwood Drive DyerINWindows04/15/2009
Plum Creek Drive DyerINLeaf Defier02/12/2009
Fillmore Avenue DyerINWindows02/03/2009
Sheffield DyerINGutters01/30/2009
Kentwood Drive DyerINWindows12/01/2008
Jackson Place DyerINSiding11/18/2008
Jackson Place DyerINSiding11/18/2008
Hillside Drive DyerINWindows11/06/2008
Hillside Drive DyerINDoors11/04/2008
Ivy Lane DyerINWindows11/03/2008
Park Manor Drive DyerINDoors10/29/2008
Cherry Hill Road DyerINWindows10/29/2008
Polk Avenue DyerINLeaf Defier10/29/2008
Northgate Drive DyerINWindows10/22/2008
214th Street DyerINWindows10/21/2008
Cottonwood Drive DyerINLeaf Defier10/14/2008
87th Avenue DyerINDoors10/02/2008
Roanoke Court DyerINWindows09/26/2008
Lexington Drive DyerINSiding09/03/2008
Concord Court DyerINWindows08/13/2008
Sycamore Drive DyerINSiding08/13/2008
Monaldi Pkwy DyerINWindows08/12/2008
Lilac Drive DyerINDoors07/28/2008
Forest Park Drive DyerINLeaf Defier07/24/2008
87th Avenue DyerINLeaf Defier07/21/2008
Calumet Avenue DyerINWindows07/15/2008
Cherry Hill Road DyerIN07/09/2008
206th Street DyerINWindows06/11/2008
Carnation Street DyerINWindows06/04/2008
206th Street DyerINWindows05/22/2008
Quinn Place DyerINWindows05/22/2008
206th Street DyerINWindows05/21/2008
205th Place DyerINLeaf Defier05/08/2008
Graegin Place DyerINWindows04/28/2008
Hillside Drive DyerINWindows04/25/2008
Jackson Court DyerINWindows04/24/2008
Cottonwood Drive DyerINWindows04/23/2008
Jodi Court DyerINLeaf Defier04/21/2008
Lakewood Drive DyerINLeaf Defier04/16/2008
Sycamore Drive DyerINSiding04/01/2008
Osage Drive DyerINWindows01/04/2008
Red Oak Drive DyerINGutters12/27/2007
- 205th Place DyerINWindows11/20/2007
Roy DyerINLeaf Defier11/16/2007
Flatrock Road DyerINWindows08/09/2007
Scotty DyerINWindows08/03/2007
Lancaster Lane DyerINWindows08/03/2007
Osage Court DyerINLeaf Defier07/02/2007
Aspen Drive DyerINWindows06/26/2007
212th Street DyerINWindows06/26/2007
Wellington Drive DyerINGutters05/23/2007
Mary Street DyerINWindows03/09/2007
Belden Drive DyerINWindows01/03/2007
Hickory Drive DyerINWindows12/21/2006
Kentwood Court DyerINWindows11/03/2006
Forest Park Drive DyerINDoors08/31/2006
Harrison Avenue DyerINWindows08/28/2006
Hanover Lane DyerINGutters08/25/2006
210th Street DyerINWindows08/22/2006
Red Oak Drive DyerINWindows08/18/2006
Osage Drive DyerINSoffit08/15/2006
Belden Drive DyerINSiding08/03/2006
Cottonwood Drive DyerINWindows07/06/2006
Lakewood DyerINWindows06/27/2006
Schilling Drive DyerINWindows03/28/2006
W. 87th Avenue DyerINWindows03/27/2006
Jay Street DyerINWindows03/27/2006
Briarwood Drive DyerINGutters03/17/2006
Matteson Street DyerINSiding01/27/2006
Jackson Place DyerINWindows01/11/2006
205th Place DyerINWindows01/08/2006
Fillmore Avenue DyerINWindows12/29/2005
Jackson Court DyerINWindows12/13/2005
Matteson DyerINWindows12/08/2005
Briarwood Drive DyerINWindows11/29/2005
Richmond Court DyerINWindows11/01/2005
Willow Lane DyerINWindows10/20/2005
Cedar Lane DyerINWindows10/14/2005
210th Street DyerINWindows10/14/2005
James Drive DyerINWindows10/13/2005
Sycamore Drive DyerINWindows09/22/2005
206th Street DyerINWindows08/31/2005
Main Street DyerINWindows07/13/2005
Main Street DyerINWindows07/13/2005
Squire Drive DyerINWindows06/30/2005
W. 81st Avenue DyerINSiding06/17/2005
Jackson Court DyerINWindows04/13/2005
State Line Rd DyerINWindows02/09/2005
Jackson Court DyerINWindows02/07/2005
206th Street DyerINSiding01/04/2005
W. 81st Avenue DyerINSiding

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