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Why Get Gutter Protection?


As we homeowners know one of the least favorite household chores is always the dreadful gutter cleaning.  Not only are you risking your life on a roof, your having no fun doing it.  In a study done in 2005, over 2.1 million people in the US sought medical treatment due to ladder injuries.  Even the splashing of “gutter water” as you clean them out never seems to leave your skin no matter how long you scrub.  What if there was an effective way to no longer worry about your gutters?

Leaf DefierWe have found their is no one perfect gutter system.  In fact, each system we found always had one glaring flaw.  Whether it would not allow water in on a heavy rain, or clog anytime the leaves fell.  Then we came across the Leaf Defier gutter protection system.  This patented system works by filtering out all leaves and other droppings while allowing water to flow through up to 23″ of rain an hour!

With the Leaf Defier system you will enjoy the benefits of a 25 year no clog guarantee with minimal maintenance.  That way you can enjoy spring and fall months without the anxiety of clogged and overflowing gutters.  Many of our current customers do not know how they ever went without it.  Piece of mind will be passed on with our transferable warranty as well, making it a great selling feature if the time ever arises.

The Leaf Defier gutter protection also offers many bonus features competing systems cannot offer.  Leaf Defier is a soundproof material helping to reduce noise, even on heavy rains. In the winter it helps to warm the gutters by pulling the suns heat and radiating the rays through the gutters.  With this the melting snow does not re-freeze in the gutters helping prevent ice damming and those dreaded long icicles.  Also gutters are a major breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects.  The Leaf Defier gutter protection system is a natural repellant to insects and is certified in pest protection of mosquito breeding and infestation.

So many features, one great product.