Link: Home Improvements that Add Value

Link: Home Improvements that Add Value

It’s no big secret—we here at Kraz Construction generally recommend moving forward with home improvements as opposed to waiting. (We don’t tell people to waste their money on “improvements” they really don’t need, as this customer can attest.)

So here’s an unbiased (as well as entertaining and informative) look at the home improvements that add the most immediate value to your home from an investment company called The Motley Fool (pay no attention to the fact their domain is . . . they give great advice). Some are projects Kraz Construction specializes in (siding and doors). Others (decks and kitchen remodels) are projects you’d have to go elsewhere to complete.

As the article mentions, new siding can bring up to an 87% return on investment on resale value alone* and a new entry door can deliver an instant value boost of 97% of its cost. When you figure in the additional energy savings (something a new kitchen or deck won’t help), these projects can pay for themselves in almost no time.

To schedule a free estimate on this or any project, just click here or call us at 1-888-838-5729.   *The article pulls their data from Remodeling’s 2014 Report

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