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Reference Work List for Michigan City, Indiana

In the table below you will find some jobs that we have completed in Michigan City, IN. This includes, but is not limited to, window replacement, door installation, siding, gutters and soffit installation.

AddressCityStateServicesInstall Date
Pearl Street Michigan CityINSiding & Roof11/11/2016
Barker Rd Michigan CityINS/F/G11/09/2016
Garrettson Ave Michigan CityINShur Flo11/04/2016
Boyd Circle Michigan CityINDoors10/24/2016
Oakwood Avenue Michigan CityINRoof10/14/2016
Wintergreen Street Michigan CityINGutters10/13/2016
S. Calumet AveMichigan CityINRoof10/10/2016
Superior Street Michigan CityINRoof10/06/2016
Dorothy Lane Michigan CityINWindows09/28/2016
Dorothy Ln Michigan CityINWindows09/28/2016
N. Michael PlaceMichigan CityINWindows09/28/2016
Hickory Street Michigan CityINWindows09/23/2016
Hickory Street Michigan CityINDoors09/23/2016
Cynthia Street Michigan CityINS/F/G09/23/2016
Cynthia Street Michigan CityINS/F/G09/23/2016
Boyd Circle Michigan CityINWindows09/20/2016
Essex Lane Michigan CityINFence09/20/2016
Concord Drive Michigan CityINDoors09/20/2016
Beckenridge Dr Michigan CityINShur Flo09/19/2016
Lexington Rd Michigan CityINWindows09/16/2016
Lexington Rd Michigan CityINWindows09/16/2016
Sunnyside Drive Michigan CityINPatio Door09/13/2016
W. 350 N.Michigan CityINInsulation09/13/2016
Gerogetown Road Michigan CityINSiding09/06/2016
Orchard Drive Michigan CityINShur Flo08/31/2016
Meadowlark Drive Michigan CityINShur Flo08/22/2016
Gardena Street Michigan CityINShur Flo08/18/2016
Jackson Street Michigan CityINGutters07/01/2016
Kent Rd Michigan CityINWindows06/20/2016
Village Rd Michigan CityINShur Flo05/18/2016
Whipporwill Avenue Michigan CityINDoors05/11/2016
South Dickson Michigan CityINWindows04/29/2016
Ramion Avenue Michigan CityINWindows04/20/2016
Hampden Rd. Michigan CityINDoors03/28/2016
Cole Court Michigan CityINWindows01/20/2016
Ramion Avenue Michigan CityINWindows01/19/2016
Bolka Avenue Michigan CityINWindows01/15/2016
Kent Road Michigan CityINWindows01/11/2016
Essex Lane Michigan CityINDoors01/08/2016
Hobart Street Michigan CityINRoof01/02/2016
Concord Drive Michigan CityINWindows12/30/2015
Concord Drive Michigan CityINWindows12/30/2015
Cleveland Michigan CityINS/F/G12/08/2015
Hampden Road Michigan CityINShur Flo12/07/2015
Hoyt Street Michigan CityINDoors11/23/2015
Belmont Court Michigan CityINInsulation11/11/2015
Belmont Court Michigan CityINInsulation11/11/2015
Salme Street Michigan CityINRoof10/10/2015
Elston Street Michigan CityINRoof09/11/2015
Springland Avenue Michigan CityINWindows09/09/2015
S. Porter StreetMichigan CityINWindows09/01/2015
Willow Springs DriveMichigan CityINRoof08/23/2015
E. Homer StreetMichigan CityINDoors08/22/2015
Salme Street Michigan CityINFence08/20/2015
N. Dianne DriveMichigan CityINSiding & Roof08/20/2015
N. Dianne DriveMichigan CityINSiding & Roof08/20/2015
Elston Ave Michigan CityINSiding08/19/2015
W. Coolspring AvenueMichigan CityINSiding08/14/2015
W. Coolspring AvenueMichigan CityINSiding08/14/2015
Coolspring Avenue Michigan CityINWindows08/12/2015
Coolspring Avenue Michigan CityINWindows08/12/2015
Cole Ct Michigan CityINWindows08/12/2015
DuPage Street Michigan CityINWindows08/11/2015
Roeske Avenue Michigan CityINWindows08/07/2015
York Street Michigan CityINWindows & Roof08/06/2015
Lexington Michigan CityINShur Flo07/29/2015
Walnut Street Michigan CityINShur Flo07/29/2015
Elston Street Michigan CityINS/F/G07/28/2015
Bruce Drive Michigan CityINgutters & shur Flo07/28/2015
Hoyt Street Michigan CityINS/F/G07/24/2015
White Oak DriveMichigan CityINShur Flo07/22/2015
Hobart Street Michigan CityINDoors07/15/2015
Hoyt Street Michigan CityINWindows05/28/2015
Garettson Michigan CityINWindows04/13/2015
Garettson Michigan CityINWindows04/13/2015
S. Ohio StreetMichigan CityINWindows03/30/2015
S. Carroll AvenueMichigan CityINWindows03/19/2015
Kent Drive Michigan CityINWindows03/12/2015
Salem Street Michigan CityINFence03/10/2015
Ramion Avenue Michigan CityINWindows03/04/2015
S. Dickson StreetMichigan CityINWindows & Siding03/04/2015
Hobart Street Michigan CityINInsulation02/27/2015
Franklin Street Michigan CityINDoors02/26/2015
Broadbrook Lane Michigan CityINInsulation02/25/2015
Broadbrook Lane Michigan CityINInsulation02/25/2015
Chestnut Street Michigan CityINWindows & Doors02/17/2015
White Oak AvenueMichigan CityINInsulation02/11/2015
Raven Drive Michigan CityINInsulation02/05/2015
Village Road Michigan CityINRoof01/30/2015
Southwood Michigan CityINInsulation01/28/2015
Southwood Michigan CityINInsulation01/28/2015
Liberty Trail Michigan CityINInsulation12/08/2014
Concord Drive Michigan CityINWindows & Doors12/02/2014
Welnetz Road Michigan CityINWindows11/25/2014
Park Lane Michigan CityINWindows11/19/2014
Essex Lane Michigan CityINS/F/G & Defier11/17/2014
Northbrook Dr Michigan CityINSiding10/31/2014
Springland Avenue Michigan CityINFence10/29/2014
Springland Avenue Michigan CityINFence10/29/2014
Essex Street Michigan CityINLeaf Defier10/27/2014
Garrettson Michigan CityINWindows10/10/2014
Hoyt Street Michigan CityINInsulation10/10/2014
Garrettson Michigan CityINWindows10/10/2014
Hoyt Street Michigan CityINWindows10/06/2014
Trunk Court Michigan CityINWindows10/02/2014
Trunk Court Michigan CityINWindows10/02/2014
Memorial Drive Michigan CityINGutters10/01/2014
Grace Street Michigan CityINWindows09/30/2014
Grace Street Michigan CityINWindows09/30/2014
Hoyt Street Michigan CityINWindows09/28/2014
Salem Street Michigan CityINDoors09/25/2014
Salem Street Michigan CityINDoors09/25/2014
Vail Street Michigan CityINRoof09/24/2014
Concord Drive Michigan CityINWindows09/23/2014
Fir Street Michigan CityINDoors09/22/2014
Superior Street Michigan CityINFence09/22/2014
Memorial Drive Michigan CityINSiding09/19/2014
Memorial Drive Michigan CityINSiding09/19/2014
Hampden Road Michigan CityINFence09/19/2014
Belmont Michigan CityINWindows09/17/2014
Belmont Michigan CityINWindows09/17/2014
Pleasant Avenue Michigan CityINWindows09/11/2014
Hummingbird Court Michigan CityINWindows09/08/2014
Lexington Road Michigan CityINGutters09/05/2014
Hollywood Avenue Michigan CityINGutters09/05/2014
Village Road Michigan CityINInsulation08/28/2014
Bies Street Michigan CityINLeaf Defier08/26/2014
Gardena Street Michigan CityINLeaf Defier08/26/2014
Hampden Road Michigan CityINWindows08/23/2014
Essex Lane Michigan CityINFence07/03/2014
Boyd Circle Michigan CityINWindows06/24/2014
S. Calumet AvenueMichigan CityINFence & Gutters06/04/2014
N. Michael PlaceMichigan CityINLeaf Defier05/22/2014
S. Calumet Michigan CityINDoors05/12/2014
Main Michigan CityINInsulation05/09/2014
Boyd Circle Michigan CityINWindows05/08/2014
Davidson Avenue Michigan CityINDoors04/24/2014
Roberta Avenue Michigan CityINFence04/21/2014
Garrettson Avenue Michigan CityINFlooring04/11/2014
Salem Street Michigan CityINDoors04/08/2014
Broadwalk Lane Michigan CityINWindows04/05/2014
Plymouth Court Michigan CityINWindows & S/F/G03/31/2014
Walton Street Michigan CityINWindows03/31/2014
Walton Street Michigan CityINWindows03/31/2014
Black Oak DriveMichigan CityINWindows03/30/2014
S. Ohio StreeetMichigan CityINWindows03/26/2014
Roberta Avenue Michigan CityINWindows & Siding03/25/2014
212th Place Michigan CityINGutters03/21/2014
212th Place Michigan CityINGutters03/21/2014
Hickory Street Michigan CityINSiding03/20/2014
Garrettson Avenue Michigan CityINWindows03/14/2014
Chestnut Street Michigan CityINGutters03/14/2014
Dewey Street Michigan CityINInsulation03/13/2014
W. Lee LenMichigan CityINDoors03/11/2014
Gardena Street Michigan CityINInsulation03/11/2014
Pearl Street Michigan CityINWindows03/03/2014
Chestnut Street Michigan CityINDoors03/03/2014
Chestnut Street Michigan CityINDoors03/03/2014
Spruce Drive Michigan CityINInsulation02/19/2014
Welnetz Rd Michigan CityINWindows01/17/2014
Michigan CityINWindows01/17/2014
Maplewood Trail Michigan CityINWindows10/29/2013
W. Red Apple DriveMichigan CityINWindows10/20/2013
Holly Road Michigan CityINLeaf Defier10/14/2013
Boyd Circle Michigan CityINWindows10/12/2013
Maple Street Michigan CityINGutters10/07/2013
Belmont Court Michigan CityINWindows09/30/2013
Chestnut Street Michigan CityINLeaf Defier09/23/2013
Hawthorn Drive Michigan CityINLeaf Defier09/23/2013
Cole Court Michigan CityINLeaf Defier09/23/2013
Washington Park Blvd Michigan CityINWindows09/19/2013
Washington Park Blvd Michigan CityINWindows09/19/2013
Washington Park Road Michigan CityINWindows09/18/2013
Hawthorne Drive Michigan CityINWindows09/11/2013
Euclid Avenue Michigan CityINLeaf Defier09/09/2013
Hampden Road Michigan CityINWindows09/07/2013
Village Road Michigan CityINWindows09/03/2013
Hollywood Avenue Michigan CityINWindows08/14/2013
Red Oak Drive Michigan CityINWindows07/30/2013
Dupage Michigan CityINDoors06/19/2013
Chestnut Street Michigan CityINWindows06/03/2013
Beaver Drive Michigan CityINLeaf Defier04/09/2013
Gardena Street Michigan CityINSiding03/20/2013
Gardena Street Michigan CityINSiding03/20/2013
Gardena Street Michigan CityINWindows03/14/2013
Decatur Street Michigan CityINWindows03/09/2013
E. Coldsprings Michigan CityINWindows12/13/2012
Pearl Avenue Michigan CityINDoors12/12/2012
Thurman Avenue Michigan CityINSiding11/07/2012
Pearl Street Michigan CityINWindows11/06/2012
Tennessee Michigan CityINWindows11/05/2012
Hollywood Avenue Michigan CityINDoors10/22/2012
Dupage Street Michigan CityINWindows10/16/2012
Vail Street Michigan CityINWindows10/04/2012
Cleveland Avenue Michigan CityINSiding10/03/2012
Colt Court Michigan CityINWindows09/27/2012
Dorchester Road Michigan CityINWindows09/26/2012
West Cool Spring Michigan CityINWindows09/13/2012
Salem Street Michigan CityINWindows09/13/2012
Orchard Street Michigan CityINGutters09/12/2012
Dupage Street Michigan CityINDoors08/16/2012
Oakwood Avenue Michigan CityINDoors08/15/2012
Pearl Street Michigan CityINWindows05/29/2012
Van Spanje Avenue Michigan CityINWindows04/25/2012
Red Oak Drive Michigan CityINWindows04/24/2012
Penny Lane Michigan CityINWindows04/23/2012
Wabash Street Michigan CityINDoors04/19/2012
Marquette Trail Michigan CityINDoors04/16/2012
Wabash Street Michigan CityINLeaf Defier04/12/2012
Hollywood Avenue Michigan CityINDoors04/10/2012
Michael Place Michigan CityINDoors04/10/2012
Hoyt Street Michigan CityINLeaf Defier04/05/2012
Henry Street Michigan CityINWindows03/30/2012
Cole Court Michigan CityINWindows03/29/2012
Southwood Drive Michigan CityINSiding03/27/2012
Pepple Pkwy Michigan CityINSiding03/27/2012
Pearl Street Michigan CityINWindows03/20/2012
Pearl Street Michigan CityINWindows03/20/2012
E. Coolspring Avenue Michigan CityINWindows12/21/2011
Lee Len Trail Michigan CityINSiding12/05/2011
Essex Street Michigan CityINWindows11/21/2011
Hollywood Avenue Michigan CityINWindows11/16/2011
Dewey Michigan CityINSiding11/10/2011
W. Michael Place Michigan CityINSiding11/06/2011
Superior Street Michigan CityINWindows10/26/2011
Southwood Drive Michigan CityINWindows10/19/2011
Hickory Street Michigan CityINSoffit10/17/2011
W. Coolspring Avenue Michigan CityINWindows10/13/2011
Lawndale Place Michigan CityINWindows10/12/2011
Dewey Michigan CityINLeaf Defier10/05/2011
Pearl Street Michigan CityINWindows06/27/2011
E. Homer St. Michigan CityINWindows06/23/2011
Crestwood Drive Michigan CityINWindows06/12/2011
York Street Michigan CityINGutters05/03/2011
Spruce Drive Michigan CityINWindows04/29/2011
Couden Avenue Michigan CityINWindows04/28/2011
N. Michael Place Michigan CityINWindows04/22/2011
Laurel Drive Michigan CityINWindows04/21/2011
Belden Street Michigan CityINGutters04/21/2011
Elston Street Michigan CityINWindows04/18/2011
Homer Street Michigan CityINWindows04/14/2011
Pinecrest Drive Michigan CityINWindows04/13/2011
Maple Street Michigan CityINWindows04/12/2011
Rainbow Trail Michigan CityINWindows04/06/2011
Tremont Street Michigan CityINWindows04/05/2011
S. Porter Street Michigan CityINWindows04/04/2011
Ohio Street Michigan CityINWindows04/01/2011
Wintergreen Drive Michigan CityINWindows03/28/2011
Laurel Drive Michigan CityINWindows02/24/2011
Crestwood Michigan CityINWindows12/14/2010
Pippin Drive Michigan CityINWindows12/13/2010
Pippin Drive Michigan CityINWindows12/13/2010
Walnut Michigan CityINWindows12/07/2010
E. Fulton Street Michigan CityINWindows12/07/2010
Cleveland Avenue Michigan CityINWindows11/30/2010
Southwood Drive Michigan CityINLeaf Defier11/30/2010
E. Homer Street Michigan CityINDoors11/29/2010
Thurman Avenue Michigan CityINWindows11/24/2010
Tennesse Street Michigan CityINWindows11/19/2010
Whipporwill Avenue Michigan CityINWindows11/18/2010
Dupage Street Michigan CityINWindows11/15/2010
Penny Lane Michigan CityINWindows11/15/2010
Green Tree Drive Michigan CityINWindows11/09/2010
Red Oak Drive Michigan CityINWindows11/09/2010
E. Homer Street Michigan CityINDoors11/08/2010
Thurman Avenue Michigan CityINWindows11/05/2010
Sanborn Street Michigan CityINWindows11/05/2010
Lawndale Place Michigan CityINWindows11/01/2010
Madison Michigan CityINWindows11/01/2010
Springland Avenue Michigan CityINWindows10/22/2010
Hawthorne Drive Michigan CityINWindows10/22/2010
Madison Michigan CityINWindows10/22/2010
Hawthorne Drive Michigan CityINWindows10/22/2010
Tremont Street Michigan CityINWindows10/08/2010
Pearl Street Michigan CityINWindows05/28/2010
Crestwood Drive Michigan CityINWindows05/21/2010
Chestnut Street Michigan CityINWindows05/20/2010
Tremont Street Michigan CityINWindows05/15/2010
Dupage Street Michigan CityINWindows05/06/2010
Ohio Street Michigan CityINDoors05/05/2010
Boyd Circle Michigan CityINLeaf Defier04/30/2010
Main Street Michigan CityINLeaf Defier04/30/2010
Laurel Drive Michigan CityINWindows04/27/2010
Laurel Drive Michigan CityINSiding04/26/2010
Tremont Street Michigan CityINWindows04/23/2010
Southwood Drive Michigan CityINDoors04/23/2010
Southwood Drive Michigan CityINDoors04/23/2010
Meadowlark Drive Michigan CityINWindows04/20/2010
Lexington Road Michigan CityINDoors04/20/2010
Beverly Court Michigan CityINSiding04/19/2010
E. Coolspring Avenue Michigan CityINWindows04/15/2010
E. Coolspring Avenue Michigan CityINWindows04/15/2010
Penny Lane Michigan CityINWindows04/07/2010
Hawthorne Drive Michigan CityINDoors04/07/2010
Broadbrook Lane Michigan CityINWindows04/07/2010
Hawthorne Drive Michigan CityINWindows04/06/2010
Gardena Street Michigan CityINLeaf Defier04/02/2010
Greentree Drive Michigan CityINWindows03/30/2010
Black Oak Drive Michigan CityINWindows03/30/2010
Dewey Street Michigan CityINLeaf Defier12/03/2009
Henry Avenue Michigan CityINWindows09/26/2009
Michigan CityINWindows09/26/2009
Henry Avenue Michigan CityINWindows09/26/2009
S. Ashland Avenue Michigan CityINWindows09/16/2009
Lexington Road Michigan CityINWindows08/31/2009
Ohio Street Michigan CityINWindows08/24/2009
Plymouth Court Michigan CityINWindows08/21/2009
Superior Street Michigan CityINWindows08/05/2009
Oakwood Avenue Michigan CityINWindows07/29/2009
Elm Street Michigan CityINWindows07/21/2009
Sanborn Street Michigan CityINWindows07/08/2009
Madison Michigan CityINWindows05/11/2009
Ohio Street Michigan CityINSoffit07/23/2008
Maple Street Michigan CityINWindows06/06/2008
Salem Street Michigan CityINLeaf Defier03/13/2008
Hickory Street Michigan CityINGutters01/14/2008
Black Oak Drive Michigan CityINWindows11/27/2007
Black Oak Drive Michigan CityINSiding11/27/2007
Southwind Drive Michigan CityINGutters11/04/2007
Whippoorwill Michigan CityINLeaf Defier11/02/2007
Hawthorne Drive Michigan CityINLeaf Defier10/31/2007
Dupage Michigan CityINLeaf Defier07/20/2007
Thurman Avenue Michigan CityINLeaf Defier07/20/2007
Blackoak Drive Michigan CityINWindows07/20/2007
Coolspring Circle Michigan CityINLeaf Defier04/06/2007
Budlee Drive Michigan CityINWindows02/26/2007
Budlee Drive Michigan CityINWindows02/26/2007
W. 100 N. Michigan CityINWindows02/23/2007
N. 675 W. Michigan CityINLeaf Defier12/15/2006
Laurel Drive Michigan CityINWindows12/14/2006
Laurel Drive Michigan CityINSiding12/14/2006
W. 100 N. Michigan CityINWindows12/13/2006
Village Road Michigan CityINLeaf Defier11/17/2006
Barker Road Michigan CityINLeaf Defier11/01/2006
Holly Road Michigan CityINWindows10/31/2006
Black Oak Drive Michigan CityINWindows10/26/2006
Oakwood Michigan CityINLeaf Defier10/11/2006
W. Coolspring Avenue Michigan CityINLeaf Defier10/10/2006
W. Coolspring Avenue Michigan CityINGutters10/05/2006
S. Dickson Street Michigan CityINWindows05/11/2006
Hoyt St. Michigan CityINWindows01/26/2006
N. Orchard Drive Michigan CityINWindows11/02/2005
Main Street Michigan CityINWindows10/04/2005
Laurel Drive Michigan CityINWindows09/12/2005
Whipporwill Avenue Michigan CityINWindows08/10/2005
Thurman Avenue Michigan CityINWindows08/09/2005
E. Homer Street Michigan CityINWindows08/08/2005
Madison Street Michigan CityINWindows07/29/2005
Raven Drive Michigan CityINWindows06/01/2005
Barker Road Michigan CityINWindows05/19/2005
Crescent Dr Michigan CityINWindows03/09/2001
Butler Street Michigan CityINLeaf Defier

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