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Reference Work List for Niles, Michigan

In the table below you will find some jobs that we have completed in Niles, MI. This includes, but is not limited to, window replacement, door installation, siding, gutters and soffit installation.

AddressCityStateServicesInstall Date
Sheridan NilesMIWindows07/21/2010
Floral Street NilesMIWindows07/06/2010
Broadway NilesMIWindows04/22/2010
N. 13th NilesMIWindows03/04/2010
Sycamore Street NilesMIGutters09/08/2009
Westfield Drive NilesMIWindows10/29/2008
Country Club Drive NilesMIWindows10/21/2008
Lewis Drive NilesMILeaf Defier09/23/2008
Lewis Drive NilesMILeaf Defier08/15/2008
Lewis Drive NilesMIWindows07/09/2008
Edward Street NilesMIWindows06/30/2008
Allerton Road NilesMIWindows06/26/2008
Sheridan Avenue NilesMIWindows06/13/2008
Lake Street NilesMIWindows06/05/2008
S. 13th Street NilesMIWindows05/29/2008
Florence Avenue NilesMILeaf Defier04/07/2008
S. 5th Street NilesMIWindows04/04/2008
Wayne Street NilesMILeaf Defier03/14/2008
Clark Street NilesMIGutters03/11/2008
Woodruff NilesMIWindows12/14/2007
Fairoaks Street NilesMIWindows11/15/2007
S. 5th Street NilesMIGutters11/14/2007
Topinabee Road NilesMIGutters11/14/2007
Isaac McCoy Drive NilesMILeaf Defier11/08/2007
Clay Street NilesMILeaf Defier11/08/2007
Kathryn Street NilesMIDoors11/05/2007
Clay Street NilesMIWindows11/02/2007
Woodruff NilesMIWindows10/25/2007
Cass Street NilesMIWindows10/24/2007
Baldwin Drive NilesMIWindows10/17/2007
Woodruff Street NilesMIWindows10/17/2007
Maple Street NilesMILeaf Defier10/15/2007
Miller Drive NilesMILeaf Defier10/15/2007
S. 13th Street NilesMIWindows07/20/2007

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