Replacement Windows Overload

Replacement Windows Overload

We have a saying around here at Kraz Construction: “You can never have too many windows.” Well . . .

photo 3

We might have too many windows.


We probably have too many windows?

photo 1

We have too many windows.

photo 2

Okay, we really have a problem.


Our dilemma is your opportunity. We need to move these windows as soon as possible to make room in our warehouse for all the other great products Kraz Construction offers.

At our busiest times, we drop prices as low as reason allows. Right now, we’re dropping them even lower. Every estimate is unique, so we aren’t attaching a specific price to this offer. You’ll have to schedule an estimate to hear the price, and you’ll be glad when you do. Whether you need one window or twelve, there has never been a better time to get a price. You can schedule your free in-home estimate right now.

As general contractors, Kraz Construction serves all sorts of home-improvement needs in the Midwest, but there’s no question about the pinnacle of our expertise. It’s windows. In fact, Kraz used to operate under the name House of Windows.  At this point, that is literally what we’ve become: a house full of replacement windows.

If you want to learn more about our windows, click here to see our brochure. To see for yourself what a beautiful, efficient window can do for your home (at a ridiculously low price), request a free estimate.

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