Seven Wonders of the Window World

Seven Wonders of the Window World

As leaders in the world of replacement windows, we at Kraz Construction (aka House of Windows, Inc.) are committed to making the windows in every home amazing. So we appreciate those windows that awe and amaze. We’ve compiled a list of seven of the most spectacular, most extreme, most impressive windows in all the world. Enjoy and be astounded (sorry, we can’t sell or install any of them ).


The Georgia Aquarium viewing window

The largest aquarium in the world, Atlanta’s Georgia Aquarium, features the second largest viewing window in the world. Reaching 23 feet tall and spanning a width of 61 feet, the window allows visitors to gaze safely at the 500 aquatic species swimming through eight and a half million gallons of water—good thing the glass is two feet thick.


Resurrection Cemetery stained glass window

At 22,318 square feet, the largest stained glass window in the world offers breathtaking visuals for miles—but it can’t be found in the cathedrals of Rome or a museum in Paris. The 2,448-paneled spectacle calls Justice, Illinois, home in the mausoleum of the Resurrection Cemetery.


Apple Store, Sydney

The Apple Store in Sydney, Australia, boasts the trademark glass facade popular in all Apple Stores (as well as the largest Apple logo in the world). The storefront is comprised of panes of glass that are approximately 10 feet wide and 43 feet tall . . . and four inches thick. They are the largest of their kind in the world, and they’re kind of a pain to replace. Unfortunately for Apple’s down-under contingent, they had to do exactly that in 2009 when one of the mega-panes cracked.

private supersonic jet-krazman-replacement-windows-kraz

Spike S-512

Okay, so this particular wonder of the window world isn’t a window at all. It’s a supersonic jet, the Spike S-512, engineered to hit uncharted speed territory by eliminating windows from the design. The cabin of the mother of all business-class jets, set to be available commercially in 2018, creates the illusion of windows for its passengers with LCD screens mounted in the cabin. Cameras built into the surface of the plane will give passengers a view of their 1,370-mph cruise through the stratosphere. The 3-hour trip from New York to London may be the highlight of the journey, but the revolutionary technology that eliminates the need for windows is one of the very coolest features on this jet of the future.


St. Andrew’s Church

This window is so amazing because it’s so old. Built into the wall of a historic Saxon church, this window is believed to be the oldest working window in Britain. Builders unearthed it almost 1,000 years after it was constructed in the village of Boxford. It’s a tiny wooden-framed window that pre-dates the Norman Conquest (but the current owner’s insist they’re good and their current windows are just fine, thank you).


Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives

The entire Ithaa restaurant is a virtual window to the depths of the sea off of Rangali Island in the Maldives. The structure weighs 175 tons, and it gives diners a 270-degree view of aquatic life sixteen feet under the water’s surface. It’s a spectacular view and an astonishing marvel of engineering, but their windows don’t open. (Just saying.)


The Cupola, International Space Station

If you’re going to live in space, you at least deserve a decent view. That’s exactly what the Cupola, a seven-panel window construction on the International Space Station STS-130, delivered to the astronauts on board when it was installed in 2010. The window is roughly the size of a common bay window, but it gives its owners a phenomenal view of any operations outside their space station or just about anywhere on earth or in space! (Again, though, they can’t exactly crack open a window to let in a breeze.)

As unbelievable as all these windows (and nonwindows) are, we still think the most fantastic windows are the ones that make your house feel like home. If you’d like to fill your home with the wonder of the best windows this side of space, ask us about the possibilities.

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