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Reference Work List for South Bend, Indiana

In the table below you will find some jobs that we have completed in South Bend, IN. This includes, but is not limited to, window replacement, door installation, siding, gutters and soffit installation.

AddressCityStateServicesInstall Date
Country Club LaneSouth BendINRoof08/02/2016
Byron Avenue South BendINDoors03/08/2016
Manchester South BendINWindows12/23/2015
N. Chicago StreetSouth BendINS/F/G12/21/2015
Catherwood Drive South BendINWindows11/09/2015
Altgeld Street South BendINinsulation & S/F/G09/03/2015
Wall Street South BendINWindows06/16/2015
Lenox Avenue South BendINWindows03/30/2015
N. Chicago StreetSouth BendINWindows02/10/2015
S. 34th StreetSouth BendINDoors02/10/2015
N. Gladstone AvenueSouth BendINWindows11/18/2014
Ford Street South BendINWindows11/14/2014
Heatherton Drive South BendINWindows & Siding11/10/2014
Trentway South BendINWindows11/10/2014
Hampshire Drive South BendINWindows & Doors11/10/2014
Lennox Avenue South BendINRoof05/05/2014
Poppy Road South BendINWindows04/30/2014
Parkwood lane South BendINS/F/G04/22/2014
Renfrew Drive South BendINWindows05/20/2013
Silver Springs Drive South BendINWindows11/14/2012
Manchester Drive South BendINWindows08/17/2012
Inglewood Court South BendINDoors08/08/2012
Catherwood Drive South BendINWindows08/06/2012
Byron Drive South BendINDoors08/03/2012
Fairway Avenue South BendINWindows07/31/2012
Maywood Place South BendINWindows03/02/2012
Trentway South BendINSiding12/27/2011
Macarthu South BendINWindows11/23/2011
Trowbridge Lane South BendINSoffit11/10/2011
Sandybrook Drive South BendINWindows11/03/2011
Brightling Sea Drive South BendINWindows09/23/2011
Monroe South BendINWindows09/14/2011
Woodward Avenue South BendINLeaf Defier09/06/2011
Sylvan South BendINWindows08/05/2011
Floral Place South BendINWindows06/22/2011
E. Bowman Street South BendINGutters06/06/2011
Paxson South BendINWindows06/06/2011
E. Tasher South BendINWindows05/12/2011
Highland Drive South BendINWindows05/05/2011
Beverly Place South BendINGutters05/04/2011
College South BendINGutters05/03/2011
E. Tasher South BendINWindows04/21/2011
S. Wellington Street South BendINWindows03/21/2011
Bridgeton South BendINWindows02/24/2011
SandyBrook Drive South BendINWindows02/24/2011
Tee Court South BendINWindows01/25/2011
Sandy Brook Drive South BendINWindows12/30/2010
Inglewood Place South BendINWindows12/28/2010
Alphonso Drive South BendINWindows12/14/2010
York Road South BendINWindows11/24/2010
Darden Road South BendINWindows11/04/2010
Fellows Street South BendINWindows10/11/2010
Trent Way South BendINDoors09/29/2010
Ford Street South BendINGutters09/29/2010
Charles st. South BendINWindows09/16/2010
Patricia Lane South BendINSiding08/28/2010
Myrtle Street South BendINWindows08/10/2010
Tara Drive South BendINWindows07/13/2010
Brandon Lane South BendINWindows06/10/2010
Tonti South BendINWindows06/09/2010
Poppy Road South BendINWindows06/09/2010
Beverly Place South BendINLeaf Defier05/29/2010
Trent Way South BendINWindows05/29/2010
Parkwood Lane South BendINWindows05/28/2010
Manchester South BendINSiding05/27/2010
Orkney South BendINLeaf Defier05/21/2010
Coral Drive South BendINWindows05/13/2010
Paxson Drive South BendINWindows05/06/2010
Parkwood South BendINWindows05/03/2010
E. Gatehouse Drive South BendINWindows04/23/2010
E. Tasher South BendINWindows04/14/2010
N. 27th South BendINWindows03/25/2010
Portage Avenue South BendINWindows03/18/2010
W. Northshore Drive South BendINLeaf Defier03/12/2010
Addison Street South BendINWindows03/06/2010
Wellington Street South BendINWindows02/25/2010
27th Street South BendINWindows02/05/2010
N. Brookfield Street South BendINWindows01/14/2010
Academy Place South BendINGutters01/07/2010
Oak Leaf Cove South BendINWindows12/29/2009
Mayfair Place South BendINGutters12/23/2009
S. Patson Drive South BendINWindows12/19/2009
Catherwood Drive South BendINWindows12/18/2009
Oakton Drive South BendINWindows12/18/2009
College Street South BendINWindows12/17/2009
Parkwood Lane South BendINGutters12/15/2009
Parkwood Lane South BendINGutters12/15/2009
Fairway South BendINWindows12/10/2009
Gilmer Street South BendINLeaf Defier12/04/2009
Gotham Drive South BendINLeaf Defier12/04/2009
Bee Court South BendINWindows12/03/2009
S. 27th Street South BendINWindows11/25/2009
Fairway Street South BendINWindows11/23/2009
Country Club Lane South BendINWindows11/20/2009
Sandybrook South BendINWindows11/20/2009
Harvest Drive South BendINWindows11/20/2009
Fellows Street South BendINWindows11/20/2009
Sandybrook Lane South BendINWindows11/19/2009
Lombardy Drive South BendINWindows11/19/2009
Mayfair Place South BendINWindows11/10/2009
Oakland Avenue South BendINWindows11/10/2009
Denslow Drive South BendINWindows11/10/2009
Summit South BendINWindows11/05/2009
Fairway South BendINWindows11/05/2009
E. Gatehouse Drive South BendINWindows11/03/2009
Oakdale South BendINWindows10/26/2009
Hampshire South BendINLeaf Defier10/21/2009
Chipstead Drive South BendINWindows10/15/2009
S. 28th Street South BendINWindows10/15/2009
Ford Street South BendINWindows10/15/2009
Chimes Blvd. South BendINWindows10/06/2009
Wilder Drive South BendINDoors10/06/2009
S. Miami Street South BendINWindows10/03/2009
W. Parkway Street South BendINLeaf Defier10/01/2009
Fairway South BendINWindows09/03/2009
W. Parkway South BendINLeaf Defier08/16/2009
Fairway Street South BendINWindows07/29/2009
Marion Avenue South BendINWindows07/21/2009
S. Chapin South BendINWindows07/02/2009
Fairway Street South BendINWindows06/25/2009
N. Gladstone Avenue South BendINGutters06/12/2009
Greenview Street South BendINWindows06/12/2009
Brick Road South BendINWindows05/27/2009
Fairway Street South BendINWindows05/21/2009
Oakdale Drive South BendINWindows05/14/2009
N. Gladstone Avenue South BendINWindows05/14/2009
Woodbine Way South BendINLeaf Defier04/28/2009
Catalina Court South BendINWindows04/27/2009
Queensboro South BendINGutters04/23/2009
S. Edison Avenue South BendINGutters04/13/2009
N. Woodhill Lane South BendINWindows03/21/2009
Westwood Drive South BendINLeaf Defier03/21/2009
W. Washington South BendINDoors03/12/2009
Tonti Street South BendINWindows03/11/2009
Rockne Drive South BendINWindows03/03/2009
Catherwood South BendINGutters02/10/2009
Walnut Street South BendINWindows01/31/2009
Lennox Avenue South BendINWindows01/19/2009
Inglewood Court South BendINWindows01/05/2009
Byron Avenue South BendINGutters12/14/2008
Altgeld South BendINWindows11/18/2008
Kelly Street South BendINGutters10/10/2008
S. Greenlawn South BendINWindows10/09/2008
Wall Street South BendINWindows09/30/2008
Winston Drive South BendINLeaf Defier09/22/2008
Roys Avenue South BendINWindows09/18/2008
Paxson Drive South BendINLeaf Defier09/12/2008
Craig Road South BendINWindows09/05/2008
Napolean Blvd. South BendINWindows08/28/2008
Napolean Blvd. South BendINWindows08/28/2008
N. Gladstone Avenue South BendINWindows08/19/2008
E. Madison Street South BendINLeaf Defier07/24/2008
W. Blackford Drive South BendINWindows07/23/2008
S. Albert Avenue South BendINWindows07/22/2008
E. Madison South BendINLeaf Defier07/08/2008
E. Cedar Street South BendINLeaf Defier07/07/2008
N. Chicago Street South BendINLeaf Defier07/01/2008
Elmhurst South BendINWindows07/01/2008
S. Gladstone Avenue South BendINLeaf Defier06/30/2008
S. 31st Street South BendINWindows06/25/2008
Patterson Drive South BendINWindows06/24/2008
Roosevelt Road South BendINLeaf Defier06/18/2008
Catherwood Drive South BendINLeaf Defier06/18/2008
West Colfax Lane South BendINWindows06/09/2008
S. 34th Street South BendINLeaf Defier06/05/2008
N. Sheridan South BendINGutters06/05/2008
Northside Blvd. South BendINWindows06/04/2008
Lagoon Court South BendINWindows05/30/2008
N. Gladstone Avenue South BendINWindows05/30/2008
S. Twyckenham Drive South BendINWindows05/28/2008
S. 31st South BendINWindows05/20/2008
Beverly Place South BendINGutters05/20/2008
S. 36th Street South BendINWindows05/16/2008
Hartzer Street South BendINGutters05/13/2008
Sorin Street South BendINGutters05/09/2008
Inglewood Place South BendINWindows05/06/2008
N. Albert South BendINWindows04/24/2008
Huntley Court South BendINLeaf Defier04/18/2008
Crestwood Blvd. South BendINLeaf Defier04/18/2008
W. Angela South BendINGutters04/18/2008
E. Irvington Avenue South BendINWindows04/15/2008
N. Woodhill Lane South BendINWindows04/12/2008
Southwood Avenue South BendINWindows04/09/2008
S. Taylor Street South BendINWindows04/08/2008
E. Weber Square South BendINLeaf Defier04/04/2008
Berkley Place South BendINSiding04/03/2008
N. Edison Avenue South BendINWindows04/01/2008
N. 27th Street South BendINWindows03/27/2008
Manchester Drive South BendINWindows03/22/2008
Essex Drive South BendINLeaf Defier03/13/2008
Fairway Street South BendINLeaf Defier03/12/2008
E. Weber Square South BendINLeaf Defier03/12/2008
S. 30th Street South BendINSiding02/27/2008
Randolph Street South BendINWindows02/22/2008
Byron South BendINLeaf Defier02/05/2008
Gladstone Avenue South BendINWindows01/29/2008
Taylor St South BendINWindows01/15/2008
S. 27th Street South BendINWindows01/14/2008
Greenview Avenue South BendINWindows01/08/2008
Joyce Drive South BendINDoors01/07/2008
Oakdale Drive South BendINWindows12/21/2007
Darden Road South BendINGutters12/19/2007
Central Avenue South BendINWindows12/18/2007
S. 29th Street South BendINWindows12/13/2007
S. Lombardy Drive South BendINWindows12/11/2007
Manchester Drive South BendINSiding12/04/2007
Abbot Court South BendINWindows12/04/2007
Pleasant Street South BendINWindows11/29/2007
Northlea Place South BendINWindows11/28/2007
Fox Street South BendINWindows11/27/2007
Roosevelt Road South BendINLeaf Defier11/26/2007
York Road South BendINLeaf Defier11/26/2007
Oakmont West Drive South BendINLeaf Defier11/20/2007
Brightlingsea Place South BendINLeaf Defier11/20/2007
Inglewood South BendINLeaf Defier11/16/2007
Albert Avenue South BendINWindows11/16/2007
E. Tashor South BendINWindows11/15/2007
Altgeld Street South BendINSiding11/09/2007
Oakmont East Drive South BendINWindows11/06/2007
Oakmont East Drive South BendINWindows11/06/2007
South BendINWindows10/31/2007
Timber lane South BendINSiding10/31/2007
E. Tasher Avenue South BendINSiding10/22/2007
Parkwood Lane South BendINDoors10/19/2007
Layden Street South BendINWindows10/09/2007
Manor Drive South BendINWindows10/04/2007
S. Falcon South BendINWindows10/02/2007
Albert Avenue South BendINWindows10/01/2007
Caroline Street South BendINWindows09/26/2007
Southland Avenue South BendINSiding09/21/2007
S. Gladstone Avenue South BendINWindows09/18/2007
N. Greenlawn South BendINWindows09/12/2007
Dennis Drive South BendINSiding09/11/2007
Pleasant Street South BendINDoors09/10/2007
S.33rd Street South BendINWindows09/05/2007
Tonti Street South BendINGutters08/23/2007
Crestwood Blvd South BendINLeaf Defier08/22/2007
Chamberlin Drive South BendINWindows08/21/2007
Blaine Avenue South BendINGutters08/19/2007
Camellia Drive South BendINGutters08/17/2007
Manchester Drive South BendINWindows08/17/2007
Renfrew Drive South BendINWindows08/17/2007
Amberley Drive South BendINWindows08/16/2007
Brighton Place South BendINWindows08/15/2007
Hollyhock Road South BendINLeaf Defier08/15/2007
Napoleon Blvd. South BendINWindows08/08/2007
Ebeling South BendINWindows08/07/2007
Ida Street South BendINGutters08/07/2007
Winthrop Drive South BendINWindows08/03/2007
Chaucer Lane South BendINWindows07/23/2007
Oakdale Avenue South BendINWindows07/17/2007
Wedgewood South BendINWindows07/17/2007
BrightlingSea Place South BendINWindows07/17/2007
Napier Street South BendINWindows07/13/2007
Brightlingsea Place South BendINWindows07/11/2007
S. Twyckenham Drive South BendINWindows06/04/2007
Wedgewood Drive South BendINWindows05/30/2007
Renfrew Drive South BendINWindows05/08/2007
Amberley Lane South BendINWindows04/11/2006
W. Colfax South BendINLeaf Defier
Oakton Drive South BendINSoffit

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