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Reference Work List for St. John, Indiana

In the table below you will find some jobs that we have completed in St. John, IN. This includes, but is not limited to, window replacement, door installation, siding, gutters and soffit installation.

AddressCityStateServicesInstall Date
Oakridge Drive St. JohnINWindows11/15/2016
Oakridge Drive St. JohnINWindows11/15/2016
W. Oakridge DrSt. JohnINSiding11/14/2016
W. Oakridge DrSt. JohnINSiding11/14/2016
Park ln St. JohnINInsulation11/09/2016
Maloian Drive St. JohnINWindows & Doors11/04/2016
Maloian Drive St. JohnINWindows & Doors11/04/2016
W. 90th St. JohnINShur Flo11/01/2016
W. 90th St. JohnINShur Flo11/01/2016
Muirfield Lane St. JohnINSiding10/24/2016
Muirfield Lane St. JohnINSiding10/24/2016
Schafer Drive St. JohnINShur Flo10/18/2016
Schafer Drive St. JohnINShur Flo10/18/2016
Manor Drive St. JohnINAwning10/15/2016
Forest Drive St. JohnINGutters10/13/2016
St St. JohnINDoors10/06/2016
E. Springhill DrSt. JohnINWindows09/22/2016
Olcott Ave St. JohnINWindows09/22/2016
W. Oakridge DrSt. JohnINDoors09/19/2016
S Oak RidgeSt. JohnINInsulation09/12/2016
W. 105th StreetSt. JohnINDoors09/10/2016
W. 102nd StSt. JohnINFence09/10/2016
Siedelmann Ct St. JohnINShur Flo09/06/2016
W. Oakridge DriveSt. JohnINInsulation09/02/2016
Patnoe Drive St. JohnINInsulation08/30/2016
W. 105th StSt. JohnINRoof08/21/2016
W. 105th StSt. JohnINWindows08/09/2016
W 105th StSt. JohnINWindows08/09/2016
W. 97th CourtSt. JohnINSiding & Fence01/08/2016
Siedelmann Court St. JohnINWindows01/04/2016
W. 105th PlaceSt. JohnINWindows01/01/2016
W Springhill DriveSt. JohnINWindows12/31/2015
Settlers Ridge St. JohnINInsulation12/21/2015
Schafer Drive St. JohnINInsulation11/04/2015
N Oakwood DrSt. JohnINWindows09/25/2015
W. 95th PlaceSt. JohnINRoof09/17/2015
Monfort Drive St. JohnINFence09/16/2015
W. 89th St. JohnINRoof09/04/2015
W. 92nd PlaceSt. JohnINWindows & Gutters08/31/2015
W. 94th PlaceSt. JohnINInsulation08/28/2015
Olcott St. JohnINInsulation08/28/2015
Olcott St. JohnINInsulation08/28/2015
W. 94th CourtSt. JohnINRoof08/27/2015
Northcote Avenue St. JohnINWindows08/11/2015
W. 87th AvenueSt. JohnINDoors08/07/2015
W. 95th PlaceSt. JohnINInsulation06/24/2015
W. 89th PlaceSt. JohnINWindows05/22/2015
S. Oakwood DriveSt. JohnINInsulation05/11/2015
Hedwig Drive St. JohnINWindows04/01/2015
N. Oakwood DriveSt. JohnINWindows04/01/2015
Siedelmann Court St. JohnINWindows03/20/2015
89th Place St. JohnINWindows02/06/2015
W. 97th CourtSt. JohnINDoors & roof01/29/2015
N. Oakwood DriveSt. JohnINRoof & Gutters01/27/2015
N. Oakwood St. JohnINRoof & Gutters01/27/2015
W. 94th PlaceSt. JohnINWindows01/27/2015
S. Oakwood DriveSt. JohnINInsulation12/30/2014
Shafer Drive St. JohnINGutters12/23/2014
Shafer Drive St. JohnINGutters12/23/2014
Shafer Drive St. JohnINGutters12/23/2014
Shafer Drive St. JohnINGutters12/23/2014
W. Oakrikdge DriveSt. JohnINFascia12/10/2014
W. Oakridge DriveSt. JohnINFascia12/10/2014
Patnoe Drive St. JohnINWindows06/20/2014
W. 105th StreetSt. JohnINWindows & Fence06/17/2014
Monfort Drive St. JohnINWindows06/13/2014
W. 105th StreetSt. JohnINFascia06/05/2014
Manor Drive St. JohnINDoors05/20/2014
S. Oakwood DriveSt. JohnINWindows & Doors03/16/2014
W. 105th StreetSt. JohnINWindows03/11/2014
Christopher Drive St. JohnINPatio Door02/04/2014
N. Oakwood Avenue St. JohnINDoors10/15/2013
Olcott Avenue St. JohnINDoors08/20/2013
Olcott Avenue St. JohnINLeaf Defier06/14/2013
W. 105th Street St. JohnINWindows06/11/2013
Schaffer Drive St. JohnINWindows05/24/2013
Schaffer St. JohnINWindows05/16/2013
W. 92nd Place St. JohnINWindows04/22/2013
Olcott Avenue St. JohnINWindows04/16/2013
W. 80th Court St. JohnINWindows03/04/2013
Magnolia Street St. JohnINDoors01/03/2013
W. 92nd Place St. JohnINWindows08/31/2012
N. Oakwood Drive St. JohnINWindows08/30/2012
S. Magoun Drive St. JohnINWindows07/17/2012
Olcott Avenue St. JohnINWindows07/03/2012
Olcott St. JohnINLeaf Defier07/02/2012
W. Oakridge Drive St. JohnINLeaf Defier06/27/2012
W. 89th Avenue St. JohnINWindows02/08/2012
W. 89th Avenue St. JohnINLeaf Defier02/08/2012
Olcott Avenue St. JohnINGutters01/25/2012
Siedelmann Ct. St. JohnINWindows10/12/2011
Columbia Drive St. JohnINWindows10/07/2011
S Oakwood Dr St. JohnINWindows09/09/2011
Schafer St. JohnINWindows09/08/2011
W. 96th Court St. JohnINLeaf Defier09/02/2011
Tapper ST St. JohnINWindows09/01/2011
Woodland Dr St. JohnINLeaf Defier08/24/2011
W. 87th Avenue St. JohnINDoors05/12/2011
Schafer Drive St. JohnINWindows11/30/2010
Fairway Drive St. JohnINDoors11/22/2010
W. Magoun Drive St. JohnINDoors09/29/2010
Schafer Drive St. JohnINSiding09/04/2010
Schafer Drive St. JohnINDoors08/27/2010
W. Oakridge Drive St. JohnINWindows08/27/2010
S. Oakwood St. JohnINWindows08/19/2010
Schafer Drive St. JohnINSiding08/13/2010
W. 80th Court St. JohnINWindows08/12/2010
Lancer Drive St. JohnINWindows03/02/2010
Forestdale St. JohnINSiding12/18/2009
Olcott Avenue St. JohnINWindows08/20/2009
Northcote Court St. JohnINWindows08/14/2009
Olcott Avenue St. JohnINWindows08/06/2009
Olcott Avenue St. JohnINWindows08/04/2009
Northcote Court St. JohnINLeaf Defier08/03/2009
W. 94t Court St. JohnINWindows07/28/2009
Northcote Street St. JohnINGutters07/27/2009
Olcott Avenue St. JohnINSiding07/26/2009
W. 89th Avenue St. JohnINWindows06/29/2009
Olcott Avenue St. JohnINWindows06/22/2009
Olcott Avenue St. JohnINWindows06/10/2009
S. Oakwood Drive St. JohnINWindows11/26/2008
Belmont Avenue St. JohnINWindows10/23/2008
Magnolia Street St. JohnINWindows10/21/2008
W. 94th Place St. JohnINWindows07/30/2008
Acorn Court St. JohnINDoors06/17/2008
Tapper Street St. JohnINWindows05/20/2008
S. Oakwood Drive St. JohnINLeaf Defier05/19/2008
Wildwood Drive St. JohnINWindows04/25/2008
Farmington Street St. JohnINWindows04/11/2008
S. Oakridge Drive St. JohnINGutters08/27/2007
Manor Drive St. JohnINDoors08/21/2007
Olcott St. JohnINLeaf Defier08/16/2007
N. Oakwood Drive St. JohnINWindows07/23/2007
Hickory Lane St. JohnINLeaf Defier07/18/2007
Olcott Avenue St. JohnINDoors06/12/2007
N. Oakwood Drive St. JohnINWindows06/08/2007
Thielen Street St. JohnINWindows02/24/2007
Overlook Point St. JohnINLeaf Defier01/16/2007
Overlook Point St. JohnINLeaf Defier01/16/2007
Genevieve Drive St. JohnINLeaf Defier12/29/2006
Belmont Avenue St. JohnINWindows11/01/2006
Thielen St. JohnINWindows07/06/2006
Christopher St. JohnINWindows03/24/2006
Christopher Drive St. JohnINDoors07/13/2005
W. 101st Avenue St. JohnINWindows07/07/2005
W. 85th Street St. JohnINWindows05/25/2005

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