Ten Ways to Make Your House Super for Sunday

Ten Ways to Make Your House Super for Sunday

This Sunday is the S**er B**l (the N*L can be such sticklers about their trademarks) and everybody nationwide will gather around their TVs to watch the commercials big game. Everybody has a big screen. Everybody has enough food to feed a small bus of offensive linemen. So what do you need to do to upgrade your Super Sunday experience? We’ve got a countdown of ten ways with, of course, a Kraz Construction home improvement twist.

10. Nacho cheese gutters.
What better way to cut through the cold than pouring a scalding river of golden nacho goodness along the perimeter of your roof and allowing the cheesy glory to dispense from your downspouts?

9. Drinking game: take a drink every time someone compliments you on how your house. (If you’re not drunk by halftime, call Kraz.)

8. That one guy who is the only person completely invested in the game, is wearing a Peyton Manning Jersey, and looks like he’s going to explode every time anything good OR bad happens? Yeah. Bind him up in bubble wrap before he throws your remote through a window.

7. Instead of betting on the score, the winner, or the coin flip, place bets on how many people can remember who was playing or what the funniest commercials were advertising.

6. Schedule an estimate with Kraz for during halftime. That way everyone can save! No? Not super? Fine. We’ll have our own party. Who needs you.

5. Still too offended to give you tips. We hope your party stinks.

4. Okay, fine. You can make your party super fun by putting all your money on the Bears.

3. No, seriously. The secret to a super party is super amounts of beer. You’re welcome.

2. Also, even more seriously, two words: designated drivers.

1. And the number one way to make your Super Sunday super fun and awesome and spectacular: take advantage of this special offer by paying attention to the score. Whatever the winning team scores, you can take that percentage of of your next estimate with Kraz–as long as you send your request for an estimate on Sunday or Monday. Be sure to mention SUPER SUNDAY in the comments.

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