Triple-Pane or Double-Pane Windows? The debate made easy.

Triple-Pane or Double-Pane Windows? The debate made easy.

Nothing proves a point like a polar vortex. Homeowners debating the merits of purchasing and installing replacement windows have been receiving not-so-gentle reminders from Mother Nature all winter long. Whether it’s a double-digit sub-zero temperature or a triple-digit increase on your energy bill, the need to replace old or poor-performing windows is brutally obvious.

The first question (Should I buy new windows?) is settled. Yes. Definitely. If your home is cold, your windows are old or drafty, and your energy bills are high, getting new windows is a must. That’s not even up for debate. It is literally costing you money not to get windows.

Energy Star savings by geography

The benefits of upgrading windows to Energy Star are obvious, no matter where you live.

EPA studies prove that upgrading single-pane windows to Energy Star rated windows typically save homeowners 7-15% on energy bills–around $372 a year for homes with single-pane windows. So, the second question a homeowner considers (Should I get single-pane, double-pane, or double-pane Energy Star-rated windows?) is also an easy one to answer. Yes, if you’re going to save hundreds of dollars a year on energy bills, it makes sense to upgrade your windows.

Keep in mind, adding new windows instantly boosts home resale values by upwards of 70% of the cost of the project, on average, according to Remodeling Magazine. Between energy savings and added resale value (and added curb appeal, comfort, look, and safety of your home), the net cost benefit of a windows upgrade will be positive almost instantly. Replace the windows and replace them right, and you’ll be saving more money than your spending much earlier than you think–sometimes instantly.

But the final question when it comes to how much of an upgrade makes sense for homeowners (Should I get triple-pane or double-pane windows?) can be a tough one. Upgrading to triple-pane can add, in some cases, thousands of dollars to a window installation project. How long will it take for the energy-bill savings to catch up with the additional expense?

This discussion over at Green Building Advisor sheds some light on the debate in general. In it, a homeowner in Canada expects to pay several thousand more for triple-pane windows while saving somewhere in the neighborhood of $150-$200 a year. It might not seem worthwhile to go to triple-pane glass if the savings won’t be recouped for another 15-20 years.

This is where Kraz makes the discussion quite a bit easier.

Typically, our Platinum Package, a triple-pane upgrade, will add about $1,000 to a project installing 8 windows. Now, if that upgrade saves a homeowner $150-$200, that saving will catch up to the added cost in 5-7 years–not too bad, and much less of a hit than some of our competitors. For most people, it’s probably a good choice in the long run, but not always within their immediate budget.

Well, right now we’re running a promotion that ends the debate. Purchase 8 or more windows, and we’ll upgrade you to the Platinum Package for free. To take advantage of the offer and receive our Platinum Series windows, the very top of the line, at our double-pane price, simply request a free estimate and include “PLATINUM UPGRADE” in the comments section.

We can’t speak for everyone in every region of the country or every financial situation, but as for our customers here in Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland, an upgrade from single-pane to triple-pane is an easy choice. The savings per year could easily be in the neighborhood of $600 on energy bills alone. We’d love the chance to help bring your bills down and the condition and comfort of your home way up.

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