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Why Change Your Windows?

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Many homeowners are forced to ask themselves, when should we upgrade our windows?  Well that depends on many factors.  Kraz has found that many windows do not meet current energy requirements and over time degrade even further.  The windows that were suppose to keep the winter cold out of our homes are allowing the cold winter wind to seep right through.  Unfortunately it is not just the cracks and crevices that allow cold through but the glass itself.  Today’s technology allows for a thermally insulated glass pack.  This is how Kraz is able to guarantee a 35% fuel savings on your utility bill!  We at Kraz strive to make sure our windows are using the best available technology with the highest quality material, all at an affordable price.

As we know a warranty is only as good as the company that stands behind it.  That is why at Kraz we pride ourselves on our Lifetime Warranty.  We will honor your windows for your lifetime in your home.  We are so confident in our products we allow you to transfer the warranty over when you sell your home.  This “Double Lifetime Warranty” is a great selling feature but we know once your new windows are installed, you won’t be going anywhere!  Other popular reasons windows get replaced are due to deteriorating parts that won’t allow the window to open or close, are hard to clean, and demand constant maintenance.  If the right window is chosen all these problems go away.  Kraz has selected a window that will make your life much easier.  With our vinyl series, say goodbye to painting your windows again!  No more summer weekends spent scraping and repainting windows.  With a look that will last a lifetime, you won’t miss it!  All of our windows have an option for “easy clean”.  No more ladders against the house and the worries of falling.  We have options to allow all your windows to be cleaned from the inside of your home.

For more information about Krazman windows, view our detailed brochure or request a free estimate and demonstration.

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