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James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding
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James Hardie fiber cement siding is engineered to stand up to the elements while standing out in your neighborhood. Kraz Construction is thrilled to be your trusted local installers for James Hardie siding products. By offering James Hardie products, we provide our customers the strongest brand in siding and James Hardie’s complete exterior solution.

Why Consider James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding?

Beautiful Aesthetics

James Hardie fiber cement siding offers more style varieties than vinyl with better quality. Due to James Hardie’s thickness, their fiber cement can beautifully resemble smooth stone, wood lap boards, cedar shingles, wood shake siding, logs and more. Vinyl siding can imitate many materials, but its thinness and lack of depth make imitating wood grain difficult and stone replicas appear less textured. Fiber cement is clearly the winner when it comes to style options.

Better Protection From Fire & Storms

James Hardie fiber cement siding also wins in the durability category. Resistant to mold, rot, animals and insects, their fiber cement siding holds up against the elements with ease. Wood burns. Vinyl melts. Cement doesn’t do either! James Hardie siding can be a part of a Class A fire rating because fiber cement can deter flames.

Low Maintenance

A high-quality brand like James Hardie can last for generations with minimal upkeep. Vinyl siding typically lasts around 20 years, while fiber cement siding can last up to 100 years when installed properly. As a member of James Hardie’s Contractor Alliance Program, Kraz Construction will put our years of experience installing fiber cement siding to work for you, ensuring you have minimal maintenance for as long as you own your home.

ROI – Retain Value on Your Home

According to The Remodeler magazine, adding fiber cement siding like James Hardie can hold its value more than any other siding. On average, homeowners are able to retain 78% of their investment into fiber cement siding when trying to sell their home. James Hardie makes your

home more marketable to buyers allowing you to sell at a higher price.

Great Warranties

James Hardie Lap and Panel siding products come with a 30-year, non-prorated warranty and trim products come with a 15-year, non-prorated warranty. Each covers up to 200% of your investment to be used towards increase in product costs and labor.

The Recognized Leader for Hardboard Siding

James Hardie invented fiber cement (now an $8 billion industry) and remains the leader in the field. When you invest in James Hardie siding and trim, you receive:

Superior Performance & Durability

James Hardie’s hardworking products are engineered to stand up beautifully to whatever elements your home may face, including weather, water, time, fire, and pests.

Custom Design

Kraz Construction can provide a complete James Hardie exterior solution for homeowners. From our vast selection of styles and colors, you can design the perfect look for your home. Among our style options you can select vertical siding, the shingled look, or the trendy board & batten aesthetic.

Climate Specificity

James Hardie’s Engineered for Climate® siding and trim products give you the best performance in Northwest Indiana. The James Hardie siding Kraz Construction installs for you is specifically engineered to withstand the freezing, wet lake-effect snow conditions of local winters and high heat, high humidity conditions of summers in Northwest Indiana. Knowing your James Hardie siding has been installed by Kraz’s expert installation crews will give you peace of mind that your siding can perform under the extreme harsh seasons always present in our area. Because James Hardie is the only siding manufacturer to make siding for specific climates, other siding products like vinyl or wood-based products can break down and become less stable when facing extreme seasonal changes. Only James Hardie products maintain dimensional stability and resist damage from the elements.


Why Choose Hardie?

We invented fiber cement, and it is 100% of our siding business.

Our products provide homeowners with a complete exterior solution.

Millions of satisfied customers trust us. James Hardie siding can be found on more than 10 million homes in North America!

Our siding has a factory applied Baked-on ColorPlus® Technology with up to 400% better paint adhesion, providing greater resistance to fading, chipping and cracking. This lasting color means less maintenance for you! James Hardie offers a 15-year paint warranty, which should save you 2-3 future paint jobs, saving you thousands!

James Hardie Statement Collection

Check out the most popular colors in our area, and see why our Statement Collection is a great option for your home.

The durability, longevity, custom design options, and lifetime value make James Hardie fiber cement siding products a great option for Northwest Indiana homeowners. You can see all of our James Hardie products here and request your free estimate from Kraz Construction today.

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