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Vinyl, Wood and Chain Link Fencing from Kraz Construction

At Kraz Construction we have found a new fence makes for a very happy homeowner. Whether replacing an existing fence or creating one, we know there are many options to choose from. If you are like most people and do not want to worry about constant maintenance and repairs, we make it easy for you. We do this by selecting only high quality fencing. What this does is guarantee a longer lasting as well as a better looking fence for years to come.

Many of our customers purchase a new fence for their loved ones. You know, those four legged friends that never leave our side. Some of our pet owning customers need a fence that will stand the test of time. Whether it be from the constant jumping from their 5 pound puppy up to their 150 pound Bull Mastiff. Regardless, we know the biggest priority is keeping your animal contained safely. If you decide to get a fence we always suggest to add to the family and rescue a fury loved one. Don’t forget these fences are great at keeping younger children from wandering as well, while maintaining a privacy you can feel good about.

In fact one of the best features of our fencing is the privacy. We have full privacy fences in both wood and vinyl. What this does is create a feeling of an “outdoor room”. You do not have to worry about spying neighbors or be worried about your own personal privacy. As pool owners know, privacy in your own personal yard is a great feeling. Whether you want to read the paper in your pajamas or entertain party guests, do it in your own backyard retreat. You can add to your home’s curb appeal and keep those nosy neighbors out at the same time!

When choosing a fence the biggest question people ask is what style? At Kraz we offer Vinyl, Wood, and Chain-Link. With our vinyl fencing we offer a maintenance free lifetime guarantee. This will be peace of mind from repairing or staining a wood fence. With our wood fencing customers are looking for a cheaper alternative while giving them a traditional look that will last for years to come. Wood fencing requires maintenance, so occasional staining will be necessary to keep it looking its best.

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