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Every month like clockwork that dreaded energy bill comes in the mail. Many homeowners are trying to find ways to lower their bills and improve their homes energy efficiency. One of the fastest ways to lower your energy bill is to re-insulate your attic. This is something commonly forgotten about as it is not something you see on a day to day basis. In fact, many homeowners are not aware they are currently below the recommended levels.

At Kraz we start out by bringing your home to the recommended R-value for the Chicagoland region. This equates to a minimum of R-38 which in turn is 13 inches. Kraz has found that many homes built in the 70s or earlier only have around 1-4 inches. This is between an R1-R9 value, and 90% less than the recommend R Value! The next step is to install baffles where your attic vents are. This is essential to keeping your attic breathing and extending the life of your roof. Installing attic baffles is a critical step that cannot be forgotten.

As we learned in science class, heat rises. When your heat is on the warm air rises and transfers into your attic. Only having a few inches of insulation is not a strong enough barrier to keep the heat from penetrating through. When this happens the warm air escapes into the attic and is replaced with cooler air in the home. Many times this effect causes your thermostat to constantly click on and keep your furnace running. 

This is creating added stress, along with extra wear and tear on your unit. Therefore your furnace is running much longer then is needed to keep up with the heat loss. Also as your heat escapes into the attic, it warms enough to melt any snow on your roof. What this does is cause the melted snow to run down into your gutters. It will next refreeze into those bothersome icicles you see around your house in the winter time.

In the summer the opposite effect happens in your home. The suns heat radiates down onto your roof, essentially cooking your attic. Your hot attic then radiates heat down into your living area. This is what causes your house to feel so warm in the summer time. Just like your furnace in the summer, your air conditioning unit is forced to keep up with all the transferred heat. With the lowered energy cost, reduced furnace & air conditioning wear, along with extended roof life, insulating your home is one of the smartest things you can do!

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